STEM Educators, Mentors, and Support Organizations

George Washington Carver in his Lab at Tuskegee
George Washington Carver in his Lab at Tuskegee

While BlackPast features hundreds of STEM pioneers who have contributed to the world’s knowledge and understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, there are others who are indirectly responsible for their contributions, including the many teachers of STEM across the United States. While no survey would ever capture all of the teachers and mentors of STEM, what you see below is a partial list of some of the most influential people and organizations whose work supports STEM knowledge. Please let us know at [email protected] if there are others you feel should be included here:

Charles Edward Anderson
June Bacon-Bercey
Thomas Nelson Baker, Jr.
Alice Augusta Ball
William Harry Barnes
Gibor Saul Basri
Charles B. Bell, Jr.
Albert T. Bharucha-Reid
David Harold Blackwell
Edward Alexander Bouchet
Saint Elmo Brady
Robert H. Bragg
Herman Branson
Chester Brown
Marjorie Lee Browne
Warren Buck
Robert Doyle Bullard
Nathaniel Oglesby Calloway
George Campbell Jr.
George Washington Carver
Marie Maynard Daly Clark
Yvonne Young Clark
Jewel Plummer Cobb
W. Montague Cobb
O’Neil R. Collins
Paul B. Cornley
Haile T. Debas
Harold Delaney
Eugene M. Deloatch
Charles R. Drew
Trish Millines Dziko
Harold Bethuel Evans
Etta Zuber Falconer
Dorothy Celeste Boulding Ferebee
Lloyd Ferguson
John Francis
Joseph Salvadore Francisco, Jr.
Vanessa Northington Gamble
Ralph Gardner-Chavis
Sylvester James Gates
George Franklin Grant
Evelyn Boyd Granville
Joseph L. Graves, Jr.
Wesley Leroy Harris
Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes
John K. Haynes
Sheila Minor Huff
James Monroe Jay
Jasper Brown Jeffries
Michael D.L. Johnson
Katherine Goble Johnson
Percy Lavon Julian
Lawrence Howland Knox
William Jacob Knox, Jr.
LaSalle D. Leffall Jr.
Ruth Smith Lloyd
John W. Macklin
Shirley Mahaley Malcom
Vivienne Malone-Mayes
Jesse Jarue Mark, Jr.
Samuel P. Massie
Walter Samuel McAfee
Robert Elbert Mickens
Kelly Miller
Marion Antoinette Richards Myles
Samuel Milton Nabrit
Alondra Nelson
Arlie Oswald Petters
S. George Philander
Darryll John Pines
Muriel E. Poston
Mary Logan Reddick
Cheryl A. Swanier
Julius Henry Taylor
Moddie Daniel Taylor
Robert K. Trench
Virgil Garnett Trice, Jr.
Dorothy Johnson Vaughan
Arthur B.C. Walker, Jr.
Isiah Warner
Marsha Rhea Williams
Marguerite Thomas Williams
Charles Henry Turner
Olajide Williams
Jane Cooke Wright
Roger Arliner Young