David Louis Bartholomew (1918-2019)

David Louis Bartholomew was best known for his collaborations with Fats Domino, writing or co-writing a string of hits including “Ain’t That A Shame” and “I’m Walking.” He was one of the most influential promoters of 20th Century New Orleans-style music, particularly during the 1950s … Read MoreDavid Louis Bartholomew (1918-2019)

Dorothy Lee Bolden (1924-2005)

In 1968 Dorothy Bolden transformed domestic worker rights by founding the National Domestic Workers Union of America (NDWUA). Employed as a domestic for more than 40 years, Bolden created a union to promote their interest. The NDWUA helped maids gain better wages, better conditions, and … Read MoreDorothy Lee Bolden (1924-2005)

Marion William Dial (1903-1972)

Marion William Dial was the first African American elected to a city-wide office in Missouri. Dial was born in Chetopa, Kansas, on June 27, 1903. After receiving bachelors and master’s degrees from the Kansas State Teachers College (now Pittsburg State University), Dial embarked on a … Read MoreMarion William Dial (1903-1972)