How You Can Financially Help BlackPast.Org

Hampton Student Reading to Freedpeople ca. 1890
Hampton Student Reading to Freedpeople ca. 1890

WAYS YOU CAN FINANCIALLY SUPPORT BLACKPAST.ORG, a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 26-1625373), needs revenue to support its mission. Much of that revenue comes from individual donations. We hope however that you will use other ways to provide indirect revenue to the website. They are listed and linked below:

The Store: Here we offer for sale more than 130 items of merchandise including face masks, clothing for men and women, prints and posters of prominent black people and a variety of home furnishings. A percentage of each item sold goes to support

Negro Baseball League Bobbleheads: In partnership with the National Negro Baseball Museum in Kansas City and the National Bobblehead Museum in Milwaukee, we offer bobbleheads of athletes who played in the Negro Leagues, League Teams, and League Owners. BlackPast receives a portion of the sale price of each item sold through the website.

Zoka Coffee: In partnership with Seattle-based Zoka Coffee, is selling coffee named in honor of significant figures in African American history. BlackPast receives a portion of the sale price of each item sold through the website.

The Amazon Smile Program: BlackPast participates in the AmazonSmile program. Through this program, we receive as a donation a portion of any item you purchase through Once you are enrolled, you need only to purchase your items (from books to patio furniture) through AmazonSmile. You will not pay any more for the product than you would if you gone directly to If you are not enrolled, please join now and support by listing us as your charity. To sign up click here.

Bibliographies: As a service provides curated lists of books in various fields. Almost all of them are available through If a book is purchased from that list, Amazon donates a share of the list price to

Minidonations: Each entry or article on has yellow box at the end which provides for donations of as little as $1.00 and as much as $50.00. For example see the Earth, Wind, and Fire entry here.

Donate: Finally the Donate Button accommodates donations of any amount.

Every dollar you directly or indirectly provide helps in its mission to educate the world about the rich, powerful, and compelling historical experiences of African Americans and people of African ancestry around the world. Please help support that mission.