Welcome to Blackpast

Welcome to BlackPast

BlackPast is dedicated to providing reliable information on the history of Black people across the globe, and especially in North America. Our goal is to promote greater understanding of our common human experience through knowledge of the diversity of the Black experience and the ubiquity of the global Black presence. Welcome to the largest online encyclopedia on African American and Global African history on the Internet.

HBCUs on BlackPast.org

During the month of April BlackPast.org will feature Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Each week we will post on the home page a photo and part of the description of each of the five largest institutions by enrollment.  We will profile many of the more than 80 other institutions on our Social Media sites so be sure to check there for a new profile each day. Click here to see our HCBU page which features all of the institutions: https://www.blackpast.org/black-past-features/historically-black-colleges-and-universities/.


The Charleston Cigar Factory Strike (1945-1946)

Beny Jene Primm (1928-2015)

Aoua Kéita (1912-1980)

Malika Evans (1983- )