Welcome to Blackpast

Welcome to BlackPast

BlackPast is dedicated to providing reliable information on the history of Black people across the globe, and especially in North America. Our goal is to promote greater understanding of our common human experience through knowledge of the diversity of the Black experience and the ubiquity of the global Black presence. Welcome to the largest online encyclopedia on African American and Global African history on the Internet.

Black Musicians Over the Past 15 Centuries

Music has always been central to the cultural identity of Black folks around the world. For the remainder of 2023, we at BlackPast.org will honor that legacy. We start with the first African composer whose work has survived since 530 A.D., Saint Yared of Ethiopia. Beginning today, we will randomly profile six musical artists from the past 15 centuries to introduce or reintroduce the world to their legacy. If you wish to look at all 750 artists in our Music Library, click here: https://www.blackpast.org/music-library/.


Rose Chibambo (1928-2016)

Alice Banze (?- )

Farida Charity (1987- )

Rita M. de Chabert-Schuster (1933-2023)