We at BlackPast have gathered together bibliographies that reflect either major academic works on the African American or Global African past (the main bibliography) or specialized collections such as the Youth Bibliography that feature major books for young readers.  Over time we will post additional bibliographies that cover specialized topics such as the Setting Aside Race list by librarian Robert Fikes.  Unlike the Youth and Main Bibliographies, the lists by Fikes are not filterable by title keyword, author, subject, or year but they will be updated annually.  For the filterable lists we have links that allow you to find these books in nearby libraries or purchase them directly from Amazon.  BlackPast receives a percentage of the sale price of each book on our filterable lists that sell through Amazon so we encourage you to purchase them here and in the process, support BlackPast.

Youth Bibliography
Check out this list of books tailored for young readers. Enjoy them yourself, or recommend them to the youth in your life!

Main Bibliography
Browse through this list of books about numerous subjects relating to African American history and issues. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s sure to be something here for you!

Bibliography of African Novels
Browse through this list of novels by Africans about the African experience. Let yourself be transported to the other side of the world!

Setting Aside Race: Selected books by Black authors in which blackness is not the predominant theme
This curated resource is unfilterable, but hand-picked and categorized by noted librarian Robert Fikes to offer a wealth of books of interest produced by the Black community.

If you have suggestions of important books that should be added to these bibliographies, please email us at