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Quintard Taylor, Founder of BlackPast.org

BlackPast.org Mission Statement

BlackPast.org is dedicated to providing the inquisitive public with comprehensive, reliable, and accurate information concerning the history of African Americans in the United States and people of African ancestry in other regions of the world. It is the aim of the founders and sponsors to foster understanding through knowledge in order to generate constructive change in our society.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

In striving to deliver an intellectually and visually engaging website that is both immersive and interactive, we continue the arduous work that Dr. Quintard Taylor, Jr. began more than a decade ago to redress the imbalance in public access to Black history and the presentation of that history. Therefore, BlackPast.org embodies DEI through careful curation and presentation of the rich and diverse histories of all Black communities in North America and internationally.

We interpret DEI in our work as, “Reclaiming and Restoring.”, which also means reclaiming and restoring the stories of those within Black communities whose voices have long been marginalized, if not silenced. We believe that an inclusive society is one in which we make the effort to know about each other’s differences; a diverse society is one in which we celebrate those differences; and in an equitable society, we do not value one set of differences higher than another.

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