Independent Historians

We founded for students and life-long learners.  Since its inception, historians have volunteered to write entries. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us.

Samuel MomoduIndependent Historian
Euell A. NielsenIndependent Historian
Otis AlexanderAcademic Historian
Robert FikesIndependent Historian
David ZuberIndependent Historian
Ayodale BraimahStudent Historian
Elwood WatsonAcademic Historian
Herbert G. Ruffin IIAcademic Historian
Dwayne MackAcademic Historian
Manos KarousosIndependent Historian
Adrienne WarttsAcademic Historian
Naomii BrackIndependent Historian
Ross CoenStudent Historian
Will GuzmánAcademic Historian
Carla GarnerIndependent Historian
Daudi AbeAcademic Historian
Allison O'ConnorIndependent Historian
Nancy ChoStudent Historian
Gail Arlene ItoIndependent Historian
Olga BourlinIndependent Historian
Malik SimbaAcademic Historian
Shirley YeeAcademic Historian
Sonya MorrisIndependent Historian
Martin SchieslAcademic Historian
Ryan HurstIndependent Historian
Matt VanHoutenIndependent Historian
Eleanor MahoneyIndependent Historian
Mackenzie LanumStudent Historian
Susan BraggAcademic Historian
Marshall GreenlawIndependent Historian
Clay MoyleIndependent Historian
Cassandra WaggonerIndependent Historian
Marianne HansonIndependent Historian
Cecilia Gutierrez VenableIndependent Historian
Alys BevertonIndependent Historian
Carlton McLellanIndependent Historian
Jiwon Amy YooStudent Historian
Daren SalterIndependent Historian
Kayomi WadaIndependent Historian
Caelen AnackerIndependent Historian
Michelle GranshawStudent Historian
Mary HenryIndependent Historian
Will MackStudent Historian
Maritza FernandezStudent Historian
Catherine RothIndependent Historian
Tisa M. AndersIndependent Historian
Julia LarsenIndependent Historian
Michelle DartisIndependent Historian
Claytee D. WhiteAcademic Historian
Berl FrancisIndependent Historian
Noah GenatossioIndependent Historian
Juliette MaioranaAcademic Historian
Alyssa FranzStudent Historian
KC WashingtonIndependent Historian
Errin JacksonIndependent Historian
Joseph BernardoIndependent Historian
Gerry ButlerIndependent Historian
Carol Sue JanesIndependent Historian
Clarence SpignerAcademic Historian
Casey NicholsAcademic Historian
Tricia Martineau WagnerIndependent Historian
Anthony Duane HillAcademic Historian
Maria QuintanaAcademic Historian
Novelle KeyIndependent Historian
Amy EssingtonAcademic Historian
Deborah McNallyAcademic Historian
Ronald J. StephensAcademic Historian
W. Gabriel Selassie IAcademic Historian
Adam Rozen-WheelerIndependent Historian
Sumaya AddishStudent Historian
Sophia GillmerStudent Historian
Helen LeichnerStudent Historian
Bunthay CheamIndependent Historian
Chris OttStudent Historian
Howard CabiaoStudent Historian
Beatrice JohnsonIndependent Historian
Zuzanna WisniewskaIndependent Historian
Merline PitreAcademic Historian
Christina HudsonStudent Historian
Secret Charles-FordIndependent Historian
Alexander KleinStudent Historian
Victoria BishopStudent Historian
Erica AndersonIndependent Historian
Alonzo SmithAcademic Historian
Sundus AhmedStudent Historian
Mary MaillardIndependent Historian
Melissa TurnerIndependent Historian
Allison EspirituIndependent Historian
Felicia MackAcademic Historian
Anna ChristianIndependent Historian
Minnie A. CollinsAcademic Historian
Amy Marie Scott-ZerrStudent Historian
Robert MikellAcademic Historian
Matthew C. WhitakerAcademic Historian
Clyde TuckerIndependent Historian
Candace StatenStudent Historian
Claudia SutherlandIndependent Historian
Andrew WardIndependent Historian
Alicia RiveraAcademic Historian
Karla RixonStudent Historian
Meili PowellIndependent Historian
Davon WhiteIndependent Historian
Wilson Edward ReedAcademic Historian
Lakeisha HardingIndependent Historian
Maelenn-Kegni ToureIndependent Historian
Peter BeselStudent Historian
Tavis Alan MalcolmStudent Historian
Ken Chiedozie EguStudent Historian
Sara DiazIndependent Historian
Moya HansenIndependent Historian
Christina Jin YoonIndependent Historian
Matthew GriffisAcademic Historian
Phylisha W. AgborIndependent Historian
Wilfred D. SamuelsAcademic Historian
Tabitha WangIndependent Historian
Trevor GoodloeIndependent Historian
Quinton McDonaldIndependent Historian
Joelle JacksonStudent Historian
Jimmy FenisonIndependent Historian
Sibrina CollinsIndependent Historian
Lacinda MennengaIndependent Historian
Rich MealeyIndependent Historian
Tekla Ali JohnsonAcademic Historian
William SmitherIndependent Historian
Vanessa LeAnne PattersonStudent Historian
Robert PitzerStudent Historian
Kate MeakinStudent Historian
Sarah BartlettIndependent Historian
Ana MartinsIndependent Historian
Susan GriffithIndependent Historian
Brittany RogersIndependent Historian
Stephanie ChristensenStudent Historian
Jonathan BradleyStudent Historian
Brian GannIndependent Historian
Linda W. ReeseIndependent Historian
Julia SwanIndependent Historian
Coley VeitenhansStudent Historian
Paul FraileyStudent Historian
Courtney FaalIndependent Historian
Tate DunbarStudent Historian
Ian BernardIndependent Historian
Victor OkochaIndependent Historian
Kelly TrsekStudent Historian
Ashley JonesStudent Historian
Nikolaus WirthStudent Historian
Stasia IronsIndependent Historian
Julianna TesfuIndependent Historian
Emily CousinsStudent Historian
Erika WeberIndependent Historian
Keshler ThibertIndependent Historian
Jessica SaloIndependent Historian
Paula J. PetersStudent Historian
Peter WaltonStudent Historian
Zach SchremppStudent Historian
Kevin HodderStudent Historian
Desiree RobinetteStudent Historian
Edward Mikkelsen Jr.Student Historian
Kyle RexStudent Historian
Marissa EvansIndependent Historian
Camille HeungIndependent Historian
Victor TollyStudent Historian
Cassandra BoydstonIndependent Historian
Gary ZellarAcademic Historian
Shaun Michael MarsStudent Historian
Phyllis FletcherIndependent Historian
Joyceann GrayIndependent Historian
Nick ManosIndependent Historian
Luis EscamillaIndependent Historian
Angela Hornsby-GuttingAcademic Historian
Elissa MaxwellIndependent Historian
Saheed AdejumobiAcademic Historian
Rachel GallaherIndependent Historian
Shannon EricksonIndependent Historian
Ayman Tarek ElkholyStudent Historian
Anna MicklinIndependent Historian
Bill LohseStudent Historian
Grant KagawaIndependent Historian
James LewisIndependent Historian
Kathleen KemezisStudent Historian
Michael AguirreStudent Historian
John H. McClendon IIIAcademic Historian
Racquel WestStudent Historian
Karlson YuIndependent Historian
Elizabeth WinterStudent Historian
Virgillo HunterStudent Historian
Heather PetersonStudent Historian
Eric GreveIndependent Historian
Albert BroussardAcademic Historian
Elliot PartinStudent Historian
Samantha KealohaIndependent Historian
Joseph SgammatoAcademic Historian
Abdallah HegazyIndependent Historian
Christopher BlueIndependent Historian
Zeytun AhmedStudent Historian
Brent CampbellStudent Historian
Aaron ModicaAcademic Historian
Charlotte HingerIndependent Historian
Robert StirlingStudent Historian
Ayala Feder-HaugabookIndependent Historian
Tristan Michael PeltonStudent Historian
Meg AndersonIndependent Historian
Myeshia BabersAcademic Historian
Michelle ZhongStudent Historian
Margaret Blair YoungAcademic Historian
Amy BrownIndependent Historian
Jacques PortesAcademic Historian
Abhinav KaulIndependent Historian
Matt HelmStudent Historian
Lucy BurnettIndependent Historian
Tiana SmithIndependent Historian
Eligio MartinezStudent Historian
Semhar NegassaStudent Historian
Ephrem YaredStudent Historian
Teisha WilsonStudent Historian
Paul FoyartStudent Historian
Devin EngledewIndependent Historian
Anders BradleyIndependent Historian
Charles KastnerIndependent Historian
Abigail SwansonStudent Historian
Nicholas IaroslavtsevStudent Historian
Karanjot GillIndependent Historian
Felix BrentonIndependent Historian
Cade McInellyStudent Historian
Neima AhmedIndependent Historian
Cory CampbellIndependent Historian
Michael Stolp-SmithIndependent Historian
Adam Christian SmithIndependent Historian
Amber EatonIndependent Historian
Michael FateStudent Historian
Harley OsgoodIndependent Historian
Rheanna ToddIndependent Historian
Brian Gene HoffmanIndependent Historian
Jessie KindigIndependent Historian
Hannah FosterStudent Historian
Cory TurnerIndependent Historian
George EsauIndependent Historian
Priscilla Pope-LevisonAcademic Historian
August PassannanteStudent Historian
Edmond DavisAcademic Historian
John W. RavageIndependent Historian
Casey GrahamStudent Historian
David CortesStudent Historian
Léa MaguireIndependent Historian
Bruce GlasrudAcademic Historian
Nathan RivetStudent Historian
Caroline TsakaniasStudent Historian
Diane PienIndependent Historian
Weston W. CooperStudent Historian
Michael KissingerStudent Historian
Tyler FragieStudent Historian
William J. ZickIndependent Historian
Daniel HeltonStudent Historian
Tyina SteptoeAcademic Historian
Will SullivanStudent Historian
Devon McCurdyStudent Historian
Michael N. SearlesAcademic Historian
Eric A. SmithIndependent Historian
Colin McBrideStudent Historian
Cheyenne ForemanIndependent Historian
Evan WadeAcademic Historian
Erin SullivanStudent Historian
Ian KirkStudent Historian
Alton HornsbyAcademic Historian
Barret KaubischStudent Historian
Rashida BaskervilleIndependent Historian
Lexis WithersIndependent Historian
Taylor BeardemphlStudent Historian
Vanessa PittsStudent Historian
Maria QuinteroStudent Historian
Birgit SchinkeIndependent Historian
Kari J. WinterAcademic Historian
Luther AdamsAcademic Historian
Carol Ann DennisAcademic Historian
Robert BaumanAcademic Historian
Monica JoeStudent Historian
David LewisIndependent Historian
Austin HsuIndependent Historian
Janet HauckAcademic Historian
Cynthia WilsonIndependent Historian
Joseph MouserStudent Historian
Brian FarthingStudent Historian
Derrick BroomsAcademic Historian
Misun BishopStudent Historian
Henry AllerStudent Historian
Kayla Schott-BreslerIndependent Historian
Steven J. JagerIndependent Historian
Nate ChristensenIndependent Historian
Alina ErnstStudent Historian
Ryan ByarlayIndependent Historian
Selorm TamakloeStudent Historian
Winston BenjaminAcademic Historian
Natalie FitzgeraldIndependent Historian
Caroline KreigerIndependent Historian
Kevin LeonardAcademic Historian
Nafeesa MuhammadAcademic Historian
Erika BryanStudent Historian
Jessica SnethenIndependent Historian
Tiffany L. PrattStudent Historian
Charles L. ChavisAcademic Historian
Daphne Barbee-WootenIndependent Historian
Frank SchubertIndependent Historian
Turkiya LoweAcademic Historian
James Cameron GuyIndependent Historian
Gill Sobers-OutlawStudent Historian
Mikelle HowardIndependent Historian
Megan BrodskyIndependent Historian
Peter ColeAcademic Historian
Willie BrencStudent Historian
Esther Altshul HelfgottIndependent Historian
Matthew G. WashingtonStudent Historian
Yonaia RobinsonIndependent Historian
James JonesStudent Historian
Kelcie DavisStudent Historian
Lilah PengraIndependent Historian
Gayle W. HansonIndependent Historian
Andrew CurryStudent Historian
Bishop LawtonStudent Historian
Cassandra ZenzIndependent Historian
Lisa RoyAcademic Historian
Ali BilowIndependent Historian
Lauren AckermanStudent Historian
Kai MoraStudent Historian
Richard JohnsonAcademic Historian
Dominique McIndoeIndependent Historian
Kazuyo TsuchiyaAcademic Historian
Richelle Rawlings-CarrollIndependent Historian
Darhian MillsStudent Historian
A. AbsherAcademic Historian
Émile DrousieIndependent Historian
Helen K. ThomasIndependent Historian
Allison RupertIndependent Historian
Andrew SammsIndependent Historian
Zanice BondAcademic Historian
Barbara BehanIndependent Historian
Kimberley MangunAcademic Historian
David OglesbyIndependent Historian
Zaakira L. Sadrud-DinStudent Historian
Alexis NewmanStudent Historian
Sara MasseyIndependent Historian
Miles JacksonAcademic Historian
Barbara JohnsIndependent Historian
Anthony WashingtonStudent Historian
Juana R. RoysterIndependent Historian
Shirley Ann Wilson MooreAcademic Historian
Nicole CampbellIndependent Historian
Stephen MohnStudent Historian
Terry Anne ScottAcademic Historian
Elisheva OffenbacherIndependent Historian
William L. KatzIndependent Historian
Lawson BushAcademic Historian
Roger HardawayAcademic Historian
George TamblynIndependent Historian
Edward J. RobinsonAcademic Historian
Fred WiggsIndependent Historian
Melissa StuckeyAcademic Historian
Marc Arsell RobinsonAcademic Historian
Leslie HurtAcademic Historian
Marquis BeyStudent Historian
Ariana WestbrookStudent Historian
Etienne LockAcademic Historian
John AndersonIndependent Historian
Sheren SandersAcademic Historian
Steve PowerIndependent Historian
Sharon Robart-JohnsonIndependent Historian
Bo S. LindstromAcademic Historian
James MohrAcademic Historian
Christine and Dennis McClureIndependent Historian
James LeikerAcademic Historian
Konstantine KyriacopoulosIndependent Historian
Vanessa BelmondStudent Historian
Carole LewisIndependent Historian
Ivan TchijevskyIndependent Historian
Katherine Grace BondIndependent Historian
Arnissa HopkinsIndependent Historian
Audry BernalStudent Historian
Craig CollissonIndependent Historian
William LangAcademic Historian
Benjamin BakerIndependent Historian
Robert JeffersonAcademic Historian
Daniel TulinoAcademic Historian
Don ClearyAcademic Historian
Brent GaspaireStudent Historian
Marcia JohnsonIndependent Historian
Lynn SurumaIndependent Historian
Wilma J. JohnsonIndependent Historian
Ed DiazIndependent Historian
Maria-Elena VelasquezIndependent Historian
Holly RooseIndependent Historian
Ekeoma Ugoezi EzehIndependent Historian
James SullivanIndependent Historian
Andre WootenIndependent Historian
Anita WillsIndependent Historian
Gloria HillAcademic Historian
Frances J. CarrIndependent Historian
Rick BennettIndependent Historian
Willard JohnsonAcademic Historian
Johanna PhillipsIndependent Historian
Michael MatsumaruStudent Historian
Robert MunroIndependent Historian
Thabiti AsukileIndependent Historian
Michael SlaughterIndependent Historian
H. Viscount NelsonAcademic Historian
Martin SummersAcademic Historian
Samuel Z. HamiltonStudent Historian
Stephen HillIndependent Historian
Greg RobinsonAcademic Historian
Douglas Q. BarnettIndependent Historian
Donald KingIndependent Historian
Georgia S. McDadeIndependent Historian
Jean-Damascene GasanaboIndependent Historian
Elizabeth McLaganAcademic Historian
Gracie Lawson-BordersAcademic Historian
Susan AndersonIndependent Historian
Stephanie KnightStudent Historian
Bethany JohnsonAcademic Historian
Lee S. PerkinsIndependent Historian
Valerie Bradley-HollidayIndependent Historian
Kathleen Fearn-BanksAcademic Historian
Dorothy GranberryIndependent Historian
Sarah G. DielemanIndependent Historian
Tunde AdelekeAcademic Historian
Dale SodenAcademic Historian
Austen MeekIndependent Historian
Brandon AllenAcademic Historian
Marta CieslakIndependent Historian
Donald Grinde Jr.Academic Historian
Judy HowardAcademic Historian
Henry GoldmanIndependent Historian
Midori TakagiAcademic Historian
Sabrianna SgambelluriIndependent Historian
Valerie CunninghamIndependent Historian
Bernadette PruittAcademic Historian
Lauren BrownIndependent Historian
Jacqueline LawsonIndependent Historian
Tichaona ChinyeluIndependent Historian
Lolita Buckner-InnissAcademic Historian
Robert CruickshankIndependent Historian
Marion GoldmanAcademic Historian
Yulonda Eadie SanoAcademic Historian
Bruce L. MouserAcademic Historian
Taylor CarrStudent Historian
Derrion ArringtonIndependent Historian
Lisa Tompkins Sa'adehIndependent Historian
Nelson HallAcademic Historian
Rudy PearsonAcademic Historian
Elizabeth FawthropStudent Historian
Taryn DarlingIndependent Historian
Eve WadeAcademic Historian
Kyle Haddad-FondaIndependent Historian
Dafnah StraussAcademic Historian
Stephanie Anne JohnsonAcademic Historian
Rob HudsonIndependent Historian
Allen L. LeeIndependent Historian
Cherisse Jones-BranchAcademic Historian
Mary WillixIndependent Historian
Robert J. ChandlerIndependent Historian
Constance HilliardAcademic Historian
Gabriel ScottIndependent Historian
Ericka BenedictoIndependent Historian
Maceo Crenshaw DaileyAcademic Historian
Janine BlackStudent Historian
Bill BaarsmaIndependent Historian
Austin BarneyIndependent Historian
Amilcar ShabazzAcademic Historian
Kit OldhamIndependent Historian
Robert MooreIndependent Historian
Diane T. BrownIndependent Historian
Natalie MallardIndependent Historian
Zakiya AdairAcademic Historian
Ronald ColemanAcademic Historian
Victoria W. WolcottAcademic Historian
Marcus NelsonIndependent Historian
David H. AnthonyAcademic Historian
Christi M. SmithAcademic Historian
Robert MuellerIndependent Historian
Andrew BaskinAcademic Historian
Rose Mary GravelineIndependent Historian
William P. O'BrienIndependent Historian
Amy SommersIndependent Historian
Shontoria PrattStudent Historian
Kathleen CairnsAcademic Historian
Hanin SedebabaStudent Historian
Lorraine McConaghyIndependent Historian
Melissa MilewskiIndependent Historian
Jennifer JohnsonIndependent Historian
LaQuantae Davisstudent Historian
Deborah HogueIndependent Historian
Eugene YoungIndependent Historian
Omar H. AliAcademic Historian
Henry McGeeAcademic Historian
Gregory ShineIndependent Historian
Rita Fuller-YatesIndependent Historian
Vincent ChenStudent Historian
Velma RuthIndependent Historian
Trey WaggonerStudent Historian
Marcus WallaceIndependent Historian
Anna ChaseStudent Historian
Andrea JuarezIndependent Historian
Russell StevensonIndependent Historian
Seconde NimenyaIndependent Historian
Camryn McNabStudent Historian
Lorenzo BrightStudent Historian
Howard J. JonesIndependent Historian
Beryl NewIndependent Historian
Trudy Lee WrightIndependent Historian
Stephen FergusonAcademic Historian
Kianna WrightStudent Historian
Aliyah Dunn-SalahuddinStudent Historian
David TaylorIndependent Historian
Michael OhajuruIndependent Historian
Maurice W. DorseyIndependent Historian
Cary D. WintzAcademic Historian
Khadijah MatinIndependent Historian
Lauren PerryIndependent Historian
Alvirita ThomasIndependent Historian
Steve CollinsAcademic Historian
Katherine C. PiccardIndependent Historian
Grace EvansStudent Historian
Gary NashAcademic Historian
Nabil EddoumiAcademic Historian
Jill NewmarkIndependent Historian
Robin LoftonIndependent Historian
Bryan JackAcademic Historian
Valin G. MarshallAcademic Historian
Kalenda EatonAcademic Historian
Jacob GordonAcademic Historian
Rudy MassambaIndependent Historian
Christopher JohnsonStudent Historian
Michael WilliamsStudent Historian
Shu-chen LucasIndependent Historian
David WithunIndependent Historian
Dai’Quiriya MartinezIndependent Historian
Dedra McDonald BirzerAcademic Historian
Felicia GittlemanIndependent Historian
Evelyn Fenner-DorrityIndependent Historian
Jean-Paul R. deGuzmanAcademic Historian
Richard SelcerAcademic Historian
Robert SlawsonIndependent Historian
Jere W. RobersonAcademic Historian
Karen JordanIndependent Historian
Priscilla LongIndependent Historian
Rebecca FriedIndependent Historian
Karen HaireAcademic Historian
Creighton ReedStudent Historian
Xiaoshun ZengStudent Historian
Alyssa SnowStudent Historian
April L. HarrisAcademic Historian
Alwyn BarrAcademic Historian
Connie SoAcademic Historian
John TidwellAcademic Historian
Johnetta RichardsAcademic Historian
Bob ZybachIndependent Historian
Ida JonesIndependent Historian
Karina RobinsonIndependent Historian
Rhonda SaldivarAcademic Historian
Douglas EdelsteinIndependent Historian
Douglas Henry DanielsAcademic Historian
John QuarsteinIndependent Historian
Laura HootonAcademic Historian
Rebecca CavanaughStudent Historian
Grace SeyoumStudent Historian
David Hamilton GollandAcademic Historian
W. Mae KentIndependent Historian
James IsonIndependent Historian
Cheryl Bullock HannahIndependent Historian
Susan GiffinIndependent Historian
William BlockIndependent Historian
Winnifred OlsenIndependent Historian
Linda LewisIndependent Historian
Temneet SahleStudent Historian
Gloria Lawsha SmithIndependent Historian
Chasity CauthenStudent Historian
Amina HassanIndependent Historian
Allison BlakelyAcademic Historian
Kevin MulroyAcademic Historian
Trisha JaraczIndependent Historian
Harry LembeckIndependent Historian
Alison Rose JeffersonIndependent Historian
Crystal ThomasIndependent Historian
Demetrice P. DaltonIndependent Historian
Mariama SidibeStudent Historian
Kelly SharpAcademic Historian
Leslie GarciaStudent Historian
Jazmine RichardsonStudent Historian
Carlos AguirreAcademic Historian
Yvonne Tollette WallaceIndependent Historian
Lois LeveenIndependent Historian
Alexander J. OpsahlIndependent Historian
Julie QuackenbushStudent Historian
John K. BrackettAcademic Historian
Meg MacDonaldIndependent Historian
Jana CarpenterIndependent Historian
Darsheikes SandersStudent Historian
Doris Richardson JohnsonAcademic Historian
Adam HenigIndependent Historian
Bruce KuklickAcademic Historian
Willi ColemanAcademic Historian
Dyshauntic BletsonStudent Historian
Seth WeisbergIndependent Historian
Alexandra LairdStudent Historian
Nelson NealIndependent Historian
Morgan RooksStudent Historian
Guy M. WashingtonIndependent Historian
Brigida BlasiIndependent Historian
Adam ArensonAcademic Historian
Jedidiah AmicaIndependent Historian
Victor Henry Jr.Student Historian
Ena KawaidaStudent Historian
Michael WernhamIndependent Historian
Peder Punsalan-TeigenIndependent Historian
Tori DavisStudent Historian
Ruth BlydenStudent Historian
Kenja McCrayAcademic Historian
Marissa ClarksonStudent Historian
Dianne WashingtonIndependent Historian
George Reid AndrewsAcademic Historian
Irene BrownIndependent Historian
Trysh TravisAcademic Historian
Laura DalesandroIndependent Historian
Cynthia B. JonesIndependent Historian
Jena BadyStudent Historian
Vladimir AlexandrovAcademic Historian
Pero Gaglo DagbovieAcademic Historian
Ray JonasAcademic Historian
James KellyIndependent Historian
Jim EmisonIndependent Historian
Delores C. PhillipsIndependent Historian
Bemene Baadom-PiaroStudent Historian
Charisse UrsinStudent Historian
Robert DavisAcademic Historian
Jerry KlingerIndependent Historian
Emile PitreIndependent Historian
Laurie FeldmanIndependent Historian
Kimora HowardStudent Historian
David S. ReynoldsAcademic Historian
Edith L. PayneIndependent Historian
John BakerIndependent Historian
Ruthie FenskeStudent Historian
Sharon McGriff- PayneIndependent Historian
Deneb PulsipherIndependent Historian
Patricia BanksAcademic Historian
Alicia I. Rodriquez-EstradaAcademic Historian
August CorppettsStudent Historian
Hannah ParmanIndependent Historian
Dolores Irene BluefordIndependent Historian
Katie Von LehmanStudent Historian
Deirdre O'ConnellIndependent Historian
Ty PhelanIndependent Historian
Jesse LewisIndependent Historian
Karen L. DaceAcademic Historian
Marisol FazStudent Historian
Ahmad MuhammadIndependent Historian
Crystal EddinsStudent Historian
Christopher KinsonStudent Historian
Kristen Tegtmeier OertelAcademic Historian
Hilary BurrageIndependent Historian
Clarence LangAcademic Historian
Desmond PowerIndependent Historian
Kathleen ThompsonIndependent Historian
Wilbur Everett Jackson, Jr.Independent Historian
John HughesIndependent Historian
Cheryl ShellIndependent Historian
Michelle Flowers-TaylorIndependent Historian
MacKenzie BrumbaughStudent Historian
Kenneth RobisonIndependent Historian
Darrell MillnerAcademic Historian
Kim VinerIndependent Historian
J.R. Díaz-RíosIndependent Historian
Daniel CadyAcademic Historian
Heather HandelIndependent Historian
Dhadon DhadonStudent Historian
Ajuan ManceAcademic Historian
Patti Sue MulderStudent Historian
Krislyn DullStudent Historian
Albert RodriguezStudent Historian
Scott BowenIndependent Historian
Melinda JonesIndependent Historian
Molly MatterIndependent Historian
Carla BlankIndependent Historian
Sarah L. SandersonIndependent Historian
Daniel PopeAcademic Historian
James H. JohnstonIndependent Historian
James A. ThurberAcademic Historian
Lisa Myers BulmashIndependent Historian
Constance R. ColeIndependent Historian
Mia L. CareyIndependent Historian
James Arnold AndrusIndependent Historian
Charles L. Chavis JrIndependent Historian
Frances Jones-SneedAcademic Historian
Craig Marshall SmithIndependent Historian
Melody M. MiyamotoAcademic Historian
Mark AuslanderAcademic Historian
Patrick S. InnissIndependent Historian
Lindsay VaughanStudent Historian
Beryl SatterAcademic Historian
Gwendolyn PharrAcademic Historian
Angela Walton-RajiIndependent Historian
Peter CarrollAcademic Historian
Elizabeth ErbachStudent Historian
Hilda BastianIndependent Historian
Robert E. WeemsAcademic Historian
Katherine ClarkeStudent Historian
Alex RyeStudent Historian
Ginger Adams OtisIndependent Historian
Brian KastnerIndependent Historian
Jean-Marie HolmesStudent Historian
Barbara Earl ThomasIndependent Historian
Marcia WalkerAcademic Historian
Clydia J. CuykendallIndependent Historian
James LangfordIndependent Historian
Eduardo DawsonStudent Historian
Anthony MilesIndependent Historian
Richard S. KirkendallAcademic Historian
Sylviane Anna DioufIndependent Historian
Robyn SmithIndependent Historian
Barbara BurgoIndependent Historian
Thomas PresslyAcademic Historian
Chuck HuntIndependent Historian
Jeffrey PerryIndependent Historian
Crawford KilianAcademic Historian
Jacqueline ReynoldsStudent Historian
Darlene J. ConleyAcademic Historian
Joshua VernonStudent Historian
Kwasi H. AgyemanIndependent Historian
David KellerIndependent Historian
Margaret O’MaraAcademic Historian
Vicente RafaelAcademic Historian
Diane SpiveyIndependent Historian
John McWhorterAcademic Historian
Lauren E. FarleyIndependent Historian
Jermaine FowlerIndependent Historian
Wayne PoundsAcademic Historian
Sade MooreStudent Historian
Jeremy SadowskiIndependent Historian
Courtney CarrStudent Historian
Armani YearwoodStudent Historian
Janet NearyAcademic Historian
Madeleine JoelStudent Historian
Mikal E. BelicoveIndependent Historian
Jim KershnerIndependent Historian
Joyce Stephens-SuberIndependent Historian
Janie L. HendrixIndependent Historian
Donnette Hatch AtiyahIndependent Historian
Robert McDonaldIndependent Historian
Joni SavageIndependent Historian
Sandra JoshelAcademic Historian
Suyent Rodriguez CandeauxStudent Historian
Max HunterAcademic Historian
Ricardo S. MartinezIndependent Historian
Hasan TesfaStudent Historian
Melanie AustinIndependent Historian
Zachary McFerrenStudent Historian
Carey Holwell HamiltonIndependent Historian
Steve KromIndependent Historian
George W. CountsIndependent Historian
Claudia Rae WhiteIndependent Historian
Kathleen BroseIndependent Historian
Jaelyn LynchStudent Historian
Walter C. CrowleyIndependent Historian
Robert V. Ward Jr.Academic Historian
George CotkinAcademic Historian
Gerry AlexanderIndependent Historian
Christopher TealIndependent Historian
Karen JohnsonIndependent Historian
Ramona Rand-CaplanIndependent Historian
Susan MillerAcademic Historian
Jeff CrawfordAcademic Historian
Jack BrebnerStudent Historian
Emily EzarStudent Historian
Uchenna UmehIndependent Historian
Judy BentleyIndependent Historian
Renee SimmsAcademic Historian
Nour SulimanStudent Historian
Charles Kelly BarkleyStudent Historian
Shanna StevensonIndependent Historian
Gwendolyn TriceIndependent Historian
James BullockIndependent Historian
Wendy JonesIndependent Historian
Paul FrazeeStudent Historian
Polly McLeanAcademic Historian
Aszemar GlennIndependent Historian
Kyla MurrayStudent Historian
Tiffany PattersonAcademic Historian
Ira BerlinAcademic Historian
Jimmy RopStudent Historian
Michael K. HoneyAcademic Historian
Rodney J. ReedAcademic Historian
Drew BoyleStudent Historian
Dennis GallieIndependent Historian
Brianna BookerStudent Historian
Jean SolizIndependent Historian
Shalyce WilsonStudent Historian
Jeannette L. MolsonIndependent Historian
Carol Lynn McKibbenAcademic Historian
Vildana MuratovicIndependent Historian
Kendra JeffreyIndependent Historian
Edda L. Fields-BlackAcademic Historian
Stephanie MathiesStudent Historian
Margaret ReuterStudent Historian
Sam LackeyAcademic Historian
Carol ThomasAcademic Historian
Lola E. PetersIndependent Historian
Julianna GeterStudent Historian
Gregory NokesIndependent Historian
James HoladayStudent Historian
Michael Eric DysonAcademic Historian
Gerry RasmussenIndependent Historian
Reese ErringtonStudent Historian
Earl WilliamsIndependent Historian
Pamela SpratlenIndependent Historian
Carver GaytonIndependent Historian
Harry TunnellIndependent Historian
Tiamoyo KarengaIndependent Historian
Jasmin GillStudent Historian
Monika RhueIndependent Historian
Devyn BaerStudent Historian
James BanksAcademic Historian
Monica J. BentonIndependent Historian
Walter GreasonAcademic Historian
Jere BacharachAcademic Historian
Brenda Ellis FredericksIndependent Historian
Warren Dawson Woods IIIStudent Historian
Kwadwo JuantuahStudent Historian
Tony OrangeIndependent Historian
Amorae' ShambergerStudent Historian
Kassandra TutenIndependent Historian
Corey BartonStudent Historian
Katherine GosselinStudent Historian
Mwansa LuchembeStudent Historian
Jennifer WellmanIndependent Historian
Kylie GemmellIndependent Historian
Larry LibowIndependent Historian
Stacey SmithAcademic Historian
Ralph L. CrowderAcademic Historian
Peggy PascoeAcademic Historian
Susan ArmitageAcademic Historian
Henry Louis GatesAcademic Historian
Kevin BartoyIndependent Historian
Tracey Owens PattonAcademic Historian
Jerry LargeIndependent Historian
Natelie WindsorStudent Historian
Claudette TolsonAcademic Historian
Jamila TaylorIndependent Historian
Lane HowellStudent Historian
Valerie KempIndependent Historian
Rae Anna VictorIndependent Historian
Rachel AllenStudent Historian
Ben WynneAcademic Historian
Robert GrayIndependent Historian
Moises DelgadoStudent Historian
Samuel ClevengerStudent Historian
Alan GilbertAcademic Historian
Rick BlockerIndependent Historian
Rita BenderIndependent Historian
Vincent IntondiAcademic Historian
Constance Porter UzelacIndependent Historian
Josiah JonesStudent Historian
Gretchen Cassel EickIndependent Historian
Deon OlinghouseStudent Historian
Elliot BastienIndependent Historian
Paul SuzmanIndependent Historian
Rory O'SullivanIndependent Historian
Rachel CampbellStudent Historian
Gwendolyn Midlo HallAcademic Historian
Lawrence PijeauxIndependent Historian
Robert JohnsonIndependent Historian
Marlette C. LaceyIndependent Historian
Haley LaneStudent Historian
Thomas IsernAcademic Historian
Linda Allen HollisIndependent Historian
Cynthia ScottIndependent Historian
Heather AgeeStudent Historian
Ayanna NahmiasIndependent Historian
Marilee ScarbroughIndependent Historian
Laurie ArnoldAcademic Historian
Brooks B. RobinsonAcademic Historian
Antero PietilaIndependent Historian
Trudier HarrisAcademic Historian
Alipio TerenziIndependent Historian
Gerald J. BaldastyAcademic Historian
Richard SlattaAcademic Historian
John David SmithAcademic Historian
Madalyn MentorStudent Historian
Cassie SelleStudent Historian
Casey GrantIndependent Historian
Miguel GonzalezStudent Historian
Charles JohnsonAcademic Historian
Sandra CraftIndependent Historian
Scott SosebeeAcademic Historian
William BradfordAcademic Historian
Dahnemah BlairStudent Historian
Madeline CrowleyIndependent Historian
Chelsea AdamsStudent Historian
Scates ShelbyIndependent Historian
Robin Dearmon MuhammadAcademic Historian
Benjamin MchieIndependent Historian
Philip EwusiIndependent Historian
Karina Méndez SotoStudent Historian
Alec Read-SkyhawkStudent Historian
Clayborne CarsonAcademic Historian
Spencer StultzStudent Historian
Daryl Michael ScottAcademic Historian
Robin JonesAcademic Historian
Mark HerseyAcademic Historian
Lee MicklinIndependent Historian
Khadija BrandonStudent Historian
Rebecca HillStudent Historian
Andrew SluyterAcademic Historian
Karla Kelling SclaterIndependent Historian
Deanna FisherStudent Historian
Peter BlechaIndependent Historian
Theodore & Marie SpearmanIndependent Historian
Leila MilesIndependent Historian
Brit HenselIndependent Historian
Tam'ra-Kay FrancisAcademic Historian
Walt BachmanIndependent Historian
Sarah GaratStudent Historian
Woubakal TesfayeIndependent Historian