Elizabeth Key Grinstead (1630–1665)

Historical Reenactors at Williamsburg, Virginia Portraying Elizabeth Key and William Grinstead  "Image Ownership: Public Domain" Elizabeth Key Grinstead was one of the first women of African American ancestry in the North American colonies to sue for her freedom and win. Key won freedom for herself and … Read MoreElizabeth Key Grinstead (1630–1665)

Sebastián Gómez (1646?–1690?)

Murillo Discovering Sebastián Gómez Painting in Murillo’s Studio "Image Ownership: Public Domain" Spanish Baroque painter Sebastián Gómez was born around 1646 in Seville, Spain, a product of that city’s sizeable African-descended community. Ordinary benchmarks pertaining to most of his life—ancestry, circumstances of birth, parentage, identity … Read MoreSebastián Gómez (1646?–1690?)