McNary, Arizona

Tom Pollock, a Flagstaff, Arizona businessman, built the Apache Lumber Company on land surrounded by the Apache Indian Reservation in northeast Arizona in 1916. Pollock named the site “Cooley,” after prominent Army scout and Arizona trailblazer, Corydon E. Cooley. Despite Pollock’s early success, his business … Read MoreMcNary, Arizona

Sinclair Park, Kitsap County, Washington (1943-1948)

Bremerton, Washington became a major employment center during World War II when the Puget Sound Navy Yard expanded to meet wartime production demands.  Nearly 80,000 workers were recruited to the yards, including 10,000 African Americans.  Many of the first black arrivals were assigned to Sinclair Park, … Read MoreSinclair Park, Kitsap County, Washington (1943-1948)