Independent Historian

Stephen Hill is an independent researcher. As a fellow of the Phlaxis Society, an international research group, he has been published in the society’s official journal and other national publications. His area of study is America’s all black towns. His current concentration is Allen Allensworth, the chaplain of the 24th Infantry Regiment from 1886 to 1906, and the town of Allensworth, California that he co-founded in 1908.

Oliver Toussaint Jackson (1862–1948)

Oliver Toussaint Jackson was an example of 19th Century western African American entrepreneurship. Jackson created a restaurant, a farm and a laundry service. His most ambitious venture was the establishment of Dearfield, Colorado, an agricultural colony for African Americans about 70 miles northeast of Denver. … Read MoreOliver Toussaint Jackson (1862–1948)