Clifton Richardson Sr. (1892-1939)

Born in 1892 in post-Reconstruction Marshall, Texas, activist-journalist Clifton Richardson, Sr., founded two newspapers and advanced the “New Negro” philosophy.  The son of former slaves, Richardson studied at Bishop College in Marshall.  Richardson and his wife, Ruby, whom he married in 1909, moved from Marshall … Read MoreClifton Richardson Sr. (1892-1939)

Joseph D.D. Rivers (ca. 1856-1937)

Joseph D.D. Rivers’ name appeared on the second page of The Colorado Statesman (1895–1961), a respected African American weekly newspaper, as editor and publisher for nearly forty years.  Rivers started the paper in 1895 and worked diligently to print news from around the country as … Read MoreJoseph D.D. Rivers (ca. 1856-1937)