Independent Historian

Moya Hansen focused her graduate studies at the University of Colorado at Denver on Denver’s African American population and the Five Points area. As a long-time staff member of the Colorado Historical Society, she implemented the organization’s African American Advisory Council in 1992 and was project director for It’s Jazz!: Black Musicians in Colorado, 1890 – 1950 and Buffalo Soldiers West. Her participation in the series of videos produced by the Alice G. Reynolds Memorial Fund on the activities of Denver’s Congress on Racial Equality has acquainted her with Denverites’ efforts to integrate the community and promote racial equality in the 1960s.

Joseph D.D. Rivers (ca. 1856-1937)

Joseph D.D. Rivers’ name appeared on the second page of The Colorado Statesman (1895–1961), a respected African American weekly newspaper, as editor and publisher for nearly forty years.  Rivers started the paper in 1895 and worked diligently to print news from around the country as … Read MoreJoseph D.D. Rivers (ca. 1856-1937)

Five Points, Denver, Colorado (ca. 1885- )

Denver, Colorado’s Five Points community originated in the 1880s as an upper middle-class neighborhood for professional and business men.  The city built one of its first cable streetcar lines into the area and numerous neighborhood businesses emerged along its tracks. White residents initially occupied the … Read MoreFive Points, Denver, Colorado (ca. 1885- )