Independent Historian

Thabiti Asukile received his B.A. in Africana Studies at Cal-State Dominguez in 1995; M.A. in African-African Studies from Temple University in 1998; African American Studies Summer Institute UCLA 200: and his Ph.D. in American History from University of California-Berkeley in 2007. His historical and biographical interests are varied but they include African History; African American History; African Diaspora History; African American Intellectual History; African American Music history; and World Biography. He is currently working on three different biographies projects that include prominent historians such as: J. A. Rogers (1880-1966); Arturo Schomburg (1874-1938), and Walter Rodney (1942-1980).

Drusilla Dunjee Houston (1876-1941)

The self-trained historian and journalist Drusilla Dunjee Houston was born in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia in 1876. Her parents were Rev. John William and Lydia Taylor Dunjee. Drusilla’s younger brother Roscoe was a journalist and Civil Rights activist in Oklahoma City. In 1915 he founded … Read MoreDrusilla Dunjee Houston (1876-1941)