Student Historian

Desiree Robinette is a current undergraduate student at the University of Washington with a major in History and a minor in Education, learning, and society.  While she loves learning different parts of history, her passion lies in the attempt in understanding the function of race in American society.  She plans to graduate in 2010 and attend graduate school to attain her Masters in Teaching.

Stillman College (1867- )

Stillman College is a private, four-year university located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and is known as one of the Historically Black Colleges/University (HBCU’s). In 1867, Charles Allen Stillman, Presbyterian Church pastor in Eutaw, Alabama asked the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Alabama to sponsor … Read MoreStillman College (1867- )

Philander Smith College (1877- )

Philander Smith is a private liberal arts college in Little Rock, Arkansas and is known as a Historically black college/university (HBCU). Established originally as Walden Seminary in 1877 by the United Methodist Church, the school was named after the first Freedmen’s society secretary, Dr. J.M … Read MorePhilander Smith College (1877- )

Bluefield State College (1895- )

Bluefield State College is one of the first historically black colleges (HCBUs) to become a predominantly white institution. The college was opened in 1895 as the Bluefield Colored Institute after the expansion of the Morrill Act in 1890 to provide funding for African American colleges … Read MoreBluefield State College (1895- )

West Virginia State University (1891- )

West Virginia State University is one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) that has undergone a demographic change in its student body over the last century. When it opened its doors in 1891 the institution was intended to educate black students from throughout … Read MoreWest Virginia State University (1891- )

Tananarive Due (1966- )

Tananarive Due is a contemporary novelist who interweaves powerful themes and dilemmas among African Americans into unconventional story-telling.  Due was born in Tallahassee, Florida on January 5, 1966.  Her parents, John and Patricia Stephens Due, met at Florida A&M and were civil rights activists.  John … Read MoreTananarive Due (1966- )