Nancy Cho

Student Historian

Nancy Cho is an undergraduate Korean and Japanese Language student at the University of Washington. She was born in the South Seattle area and has always had a keen interest in history. Though her favorite time period is during the medieval ages, she has always appreciated the short, but profound history of the Americas (especially the north), which allowed her to be born in a country with many opportunities.

Congressman Alton Ronald Waldon Jr. (1936–)

Alton Ronald Waldon Jr. was the first African American Congressman elected from Queens, New York.  Waldon was born in Lakeland, Florida on December 21, 1936. He attended Boys High School in Brooklyn, New York and after graduation in 1954 joined the United States Army.  Discharged … Read MoreCongressman Alton Ronald Waldon Jr. (1936–)

Congressman Robert Nelson Cornelius Nix Sr. (1898-1987)

Robert Nelson Cornelius Nix, Sr. was born on August 9, 1905 in Orangeburg, South Carolina, where his father, Nelson, was dean of South Carolina State College. Nix graduated from Townsend Harris High School in New York City, and then from Lincoln University in Chester County, … Read MoreCongressman Robert Nelson Cornelius Nix Sr. (1898-1987)

“Gus” Savage Augustus Alexander (1925 – )

Augustus Alexander Savage, later better known as “Gus”, was born in Detroit, Michigan, on October 30 1925. Savage attended public schools in Chicago and graduated from Wendell Phillips High School in 1943 before joining the United States Army. He served until 1946 before earning a … Read More“Gus” Savage Augustus Alexander (1925 – )

Congressman George William Crockett Jr. (1909-1997)

George William Crockett Jr. was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on August 10, 1909 to George William Crockett Sr., and Minnie Amelia Jenkins.  His father was a Baptist minister and railroad carpenter and his mother was a Sunday School teacher and poet.  Crockett grew up in … Read MoreCongressman George William Crockett Jr. (1909-1997)