Nancy Cho

Student Historian

Nancy Cho is an undergraduate Korean and Japanese Language student at the University of Washington. She was born in the South Seattle area and has always had a keen interest in history. Though her favorite time period is during the medieval ages, she has always appreciated the short, but profound history of the Americas (especially the north), which allowed her to be born in a country with many opportunities.

National Afro American League (1887–1893)

The first Afro-American League (AAL) was established in 1887 before changing its name, two years later, to the National Afro-American League (NAAL). The focus of the league was to obtain full citizenship and equality for African-Americans. Timothy Thomas Fortune, editor of the New York Age … Read MoreNational Afro American League (1887–1893)

National Lawyers Guild (1937 – )

Image Ownership: Public Domain The National Lawyers Guild (NLG), founded in 1937, was the first attorneys organization that welcomed any member regardless of belief or race making it the first integrated bar association. The Guild included a number of African American attorneys but also white … Read MoreNational Lawyers Guild (1937 – )

TransAfrica Forum (1977- )

TransAfrica President Bill Fletcher, actor Danny Glover and Other Delegates Attending Meeting in Venezula, 2004 Image Ownership: Public Domain TransAfrica was organized on July 1, 1977, as a non-profit organization that sought to give aid to predominantly black nations. Any concerns that dealt with the … Read MoreTransAfrica Forum (1977- )

Montgomery Improvement Association (1955–1969)

Dr. Martin Luther King Conducts Meeting of the Montogmery Improvement Association, 1955 The Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) was established on December 5, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama as a grassroots movement to fight for civil rights for African Americans and specifically for the desegregation of the … Read MoreMontgomery Improvement Association (1955–1969)

Poor People’s Campaign (December 4, 1967 – June 19, 1968)

The Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) was created on December 4, 1967, by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) to address the issues of unemployment, housing shortages for the poor, and the impact of poverty on the lives of millions of Americans. Unlike earlier efforts directed … Read MorePoor People’s Campaign (December 4, 1967 – June 19, 1968)

National Bar Association (1925- )

The National Bar Association (NBA) was founded on August 1, 1925, in Des Moines, Iowa by 120 lawyers to give voice to black attorneys who were excluded from every nationally organized bar association at that time. When the association was formed, there were slightly less … Read MoreNational Bar Association (1925- )

National Council of Negro Women (1935- )

The National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) was founded on December 5, 1935, with the support of the leaders of 28 of the most notable black women’s organizations. The founder and president until 1949, Mary McLeod Bethune, envisioned a unified force of black women’s groups … Read MoreNational Council of Negro Women (1935- )

Southern Christian Leadership Conference (1957- )

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) was created on January 10-11, 1957, when sixty black ministers and civil rights leaders met in Atlanta, Georgia in an effort to replicate the successful strategy and tactics of the recently concluded Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott. Rev. Martin Luther … Read MoreSouthern Christian Leadership Conference (1957- )

National Urban League (1910 – )

Image Ownership: Public Domain The National Urban League (NUL) was formed on October 11, 1910, to help African American migrants assimilate into urban life.  The NUL began with the merger of three smaller groups, The National League for the Protection of Colored Women, The Committee … Read MoreNational Urban League (1910 – )