Nancy Cho

Student Historian

Nancy Cho is an undergraduate Korean and Japanese Language student at the University of Washington. She was born in the South Seattle area and has always had a keen interest in history. Though her favorite time period is during the medieval ages, she has always appreciated the short, but profound history of the Americas (especially the north), which allowed her to be born in a country with many opportunities.

Melvin Herbert Evans (1917–1984)

Melvin Herbert Evans was born on August 7, 1917, in Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. He attended public schools until entering Howard University where he received his B.S. in 1940.  In 1944 he received his M.D. from Howard College of Medicine, whereupon he served in … Read MoreMelvin Herbert Evans (1917–1984)

George Washington Murray (1853–1926)

South Carolina Congressman George Washington Murray was born near Rembert, Sumter County, South Carolina, on September 22, 1853 to slave parents. He attended public schools, the University of South Carolina, and the State Normal Institute at Columbia, where he graduated in 1876. After graduating, Murray … Read MoreGeorge Washington Murray (1853–1926)

Joseph Savary (? — 1800’s)

Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815 Image Ownership: Public Domain Joseph Savary, a hero at the Battle of New Orleans, was a native of Saint-Dominque (Haiti) who had fought with the French during the Haitian Revolution.  When Haiti became independent, Savary and his family … Read MoreJoseph Savary (? — 1800’s)

Harold Washington (1922 – 1987)

Harold Washington, the first African American mayor of Chicago, Illinois, was born on April 15, 1922, to Roy Washington, a lawyer, Methodist minister and one of the first black precinct captains in Chicago.  Washington’s mother Bertha Washington was a well-known singer in the city. Washington … Read MoreHarold Washington (1922 – 1987)

Donna Marie Christensen (1945–)

Donna Marie Christian-Christensen, the non-voting delegate from the U.S. Virgin Islands to the United States House of Representatives, was born in Teaneck, Monmouth Country, New Jersey on September 19, 1945 to the late Judge Almeric Christian and Virginia Sterling Christian. Christensen attended St. Mary’s College … Read MoreDonna Marie Christensen (1945–)

Congressman Sanford Dixon Bishop Jr. (1947–)

Georgia Congressman Sanford Dixon Bishop Jr. was born on February 4, 1947, in Mobile, Alabama to Minnie B. Slade, who was a librarian and Sanford Dixon Bishop, who was the first president of the Bishop State Community College. Bishop attended public schools until his entrance … Read MoreCongressman Sanford Dixon Bishop Jr. (1947–)

Congressman George Kenneth Butterfield Jr. (1947– )

North Carolina Congressman George Kenneth Butterfield Jr. was born in Wilson, North Carolina on April 27, 1947 to a father who was a dentist and civic leader as well as the first black elected official in eastern North Carolina in the 20th century; and a … Read MoreCongressman George Kenneth Butterfield Jr. (1947– )

Robert Brown Elliott (1842–1884)

Robert Brown Elliott, Reconstruction-era Congressman, was born in 1842 in Liverpool, England. He attended High Holborn Academy in London, England and then studied law, graduating from Eton College in 1859. From there he joined the British Royal Navy.  Elliott decided to settle in South Carolina … Read MoreRobert Brown Elliott (1842–1884)