Historically Black Colleges and Universities of Atlanta

In the following article by Alton Hornsby, Jr., the Fuller E. Callaway Professor of History at Morehouse College and former editor of the Journal of Negro History, briefly describes the founding of Atlanta University, Clark College (now Clark Atlanta University), Morehouse College, Spelman College, Morris … Read MoreHistorically Black Colleges and Universities of Atlanta

Angelo Herndon (1913 – ?)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Angelo Herndon was the defendant in one of the most publicized and notorious legal cases of the 1930s. In 1932, nineteen-year-old Herndon was arrested under an obscure 19th century servile insurrection law for attempting to organize a peaceful demonstration of unemployed … Read MoreAngelo Herndon (1913 – ?)

William Alphaeus Hunton Jr. (1903-1970)

Alphaeus Hunton at a South Africa Famine Relief Rally, Abyssinian Baptist Church, 1946 Image Ownership: Public Domain A leading intellectual and activist of the post-WWII period, Alphaeus Hunton Jr. was the executive director of the Council on African Affairs (CAA) and editor of the CAA’s … Read MoreWilliam Alphaeus Hunton Jr. (1903-1970)