Euell A. Nielsen

Independent Historian

Multiple business owner Euell Nielsen was born on November 3, 1973, in Sewell, New Jersey. The youngest daughter of Scientist and Author Eustace A. Dixon II and Travel Agent Eleanor Forman, Euell was an early reader and began tutoring at The Verbena Ferguson Tutoring Center for Adults at the age of 13. She has owned and operated over five different companies in the past 20 years including Show and Touch, Stitch This, Get Twisted, and Island Treazures.

A Veteran of the United States Army Reserves, Euell has become a natural historian, focusing on her church. She has been attending First African Presbyterian in Philadelphia, PA, as a 3rd generation member, following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother in devoted servitude to the Lord. Her passion for her church has lead to working with the churches historical society, responsible for preserving the memory of the founder, former slave John Gloucester and the rich history of the church. Euell’s personal research has found previously undiscovered information on the church founder, his family and the early history of the church that is invaluable.

Currently she has taken on the task of becoming a living historian, assuming the role of Patriot, Hannah Till, former cook to George Washington, Lafayette, and their troops, and former member of First African Presbyterian Church.

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