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Carlton McLellan, Ph.D., is a diplomacy and international affairs expert and researcher. He is founder of The American Ambassadors Project, which he oversees while currently serving as a Senior Fellow with the Association of Black American Ambassadors (ABAA). The American Ambassadors Project incorporates Dr. McLellan’s data collection and research and is the first comprehensive attempt to educate and report on the contributions of Black Americans as U.S. Ambassadors. His work and archival collections are among the most comprehensive with the sole focus on Black American U.S. Ambassadors.

In addition to his research roles, Dr. McLellan has also worked or held consultancies with international organizations such as the United Nation’s International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for the U.S. & Canada, and the World Bank as well as large and small internationally-focused nongovernmental organizations such as Global Ties U.S., FHI 360, WorldChicago; and, universities such as Howard University, the University of Pretoria, and the University of Fort Hare (the latter two in South Africa). He has authored several scholarly articles and book chapters in a broad cross-section of international affairs areas, but his current research interests are the contributions of Black Americans to U.S. foreign and diplomatic relations, with a focus on Black American U.S. Ambassadors.

Stafford Fitzgerald Haney (1969- )

Stafford Fitzgerald Haney, an international businessman and diplomat, was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on January 3, 1969, but grew up in Naperville, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. He graduated from Central High School in Naperville and then attended the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, where … Read MoreStafford Fitzgerald Haney (1969- )

Edward Joseph Perkins, Jr. (1928-2020)

Edward Perkins served as U.S. Ambassador on four occasions; more than all but two other African Americans. He was born Edward Joseph Perkins, Jr. on June 8, 1928 in Sterlington, Louisiana to Edward Perkins, Sr. and Tiny Estella Noble. After moving to Portland, Oregon and graduating … Read MoreEdward Joseph Perkins, Jr. (1928-2020)

Bonnie Denise Jenkins (ca.1960– )

Bonnie Jenkins is a retired U.S. Naval Reserve officer, diplomat, and expert in international security, arms control, treaty laws, and nonproliferation and disarmament of weapons of mass destruction. Born in Queens, New York, and growing up in the Bronx, New York, Jenkins was the child … Read MoreBonnie Denise Jenkins (ca.1960– )

Suzan Denise Johnson Cook (1957– )

Suzan Johnson Cook is a religious leader, pastor, motivational speaker, and diplomat who was born on January 28, 1957, in Harlem, New York. Her father, Wilbert Johnson, was a trolley driver and later founder of a successful security company, and her mother Dorothy Johnson, was … Read MoreSuzan Denise Johnson Cook (1957– )

Anthony Michael Battle (1950- )

Michael Battle is an educator, religious leader, and diplomat. Born on July 28, 1950, in St. Louis, Missouri, he was one of twelve children from Jessie Battle Sr., a Pentecostal pastor, and Mary Battle.  Michael received his bachelor’s degree from Trinity College (1973), his Master … Read MoreAnthony Michael Battle (1950- )