Lyles Station, Indiana (ca. 1840- )

Lyles Station, Indiana, is a community of African Americans located about five miles west of Princeton, Indiana, in Gibson County. It flourished from about 1880 to 1913, when it boasted an independent, self-sustaining community of about 800 black residents. The roots of Lyles Station began … Read MoreLyles Station, Indiana (ca. 1840- )

Whitesboro, New Jersey (1902- )

Whitesboro, New Jersey was established in 1902 as a town exclusively for African Americans.  The idea came in response to increasing white resistance to black residents in Cape May County, New Jersey.  The African-American Equitable Industrial Association, founded by Reverend J.W. Fishburn and four other … Read MoreWhitesboro, New Jersey (1902- )

East Palo Alto, California (1925- )

East Palo Alto, California is a town of 28,155 residents (2010 Census), located on the San Francisco Peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose. Originally occupied by the Ohlone nation (1000 BCE-1770s CE), early Spanish settlers called the area Rancho de las Pulgas (or Flea … Read MoreEast Palo Alto, California (1925- )

Weeksville, New York (1838- )

Weeksville was a nineteenth century free black community located in what is now the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, New York.  It is remembered today as a historic site for its community programs, urban employment opportunities, and the promotion of racial respectability. In 1838, only 11 … Read MoreWeeksville, New York (1838- )