Julia Larsen

Independent Historian

Julia Henning Larsen is a political science major and African Studies minor at the University of Washington, Seattle. She loves learning about other cultures. Her future goal is to study abroad in Africa to further her knowledge. After school she hopes to work in a field where she is helping people. Larsen currently resides in Seattle where she was born and has lived most of her life.

Ben Palmer (c. 1817- 1908)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Ben Palmer, pioneer 19th Century Nevada Territory rancher, was born in South Carolina sometime around 1817.  Little is known about Palmer’s childhood background.  Palmer and his sister, Charlotte, who was married to white settler D.H. Barber, were among the first settlers … Read MoreBen Palmer (c. 1817- 1908)

Jewel Stradford Rogers Lafontant-Mankarious (1922-1997)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Jewel Stradford Rogers Lafontant-Mankarious, civil rights leader, high-ranking U.S. Presidential appointee, and lawyer was born on April 28, 1922, in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents, Aida Arabella Cartera and attorney C. Francis Stradford, helped to influence Mankarious’s decision to become a lawyer. … Read MoreJewel Stradford Rogers Lafontant-Mankarious (1922-1997)

John Henry Merrick (1859-1919)

John Henry Merrick—insurance agent, entrepreneur, business owner—was born in Clinton, North Carolina on September 7, 1859. Merrick was born a slave; he lived with his mother Martha Merrick and a younger brother. With the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation his family was freed. When Merrick was twelve … Read MoreJohn Henry Merrick (1859-1919)

Christopher Paul Gardner (1954- )

Christopher Paul Gardner entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and writer was born on February 9, 1954 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gardner, never knowing his father, lived periodically with his mother, Bettye Jean Triplett, as well as in foster homes. After high school, he joined the Navy and then … Read MoreChristopher Paul Gardner (1954- )