Richard John Warrick, Jr. (1880-1957)

Born on December 29, 1880, Richard John Warrick Jr. was one of six founding members of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, the oldest African American Greek Letter Fraternity in the nation. The others were Henry Minton, Algernon Jackson, Edwin Howard, Robert Jones Abele, and Eugene Hinson. … Read MoreRichard John Warrick, Jr. (1880-1957)

Vada Watson Somerville (1885-1972)

Vada Somerville was the first African American female dentist educated at the University of Southern California School of dentistry, and the second African American graduate in the university’s history.  Graduating in 1918, Somerville was the only African American student in her class of eighty-eight graduates. … Read MoreVada Watson Somerville (1885-1972)