Independent Historian

Henry Goldman is a writer, musician and cultural critic living in Los Angeles. For the past five years, his primary area of interest has been the political aspect of hip-hop culture which he has written about for Music Plus Magazine. As a rap artist, Henry has performed and recorded with a variety of different groups, including LA-based hip-hop fusion act The Downz and Oregon-based instrumentalist Dust-One. By experimenting with the aesthetic possibilities of the music at the same time he is exploring it’s cultural significance. Henry’s long standing goal has been to bring both intellectual reasoning to his music and artistic perceptiveness to his criticism.

Grandmaster Flash/Joseph Saddler (1958- )

Although he will more than likely be remembered best for releasing “The Message,” the first rap song to delve into social commentary about the plight of African Americans in the inner-city, Grandmaster Flash was also the original technological virtuoso of the early hip-hop movement to … Read MoreGrandmaster Flash/Joseph Saddler (1958- )