Independent Historian

Phylisha Agbor-Taylor’s education and professional career spans two disciplines. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Texas Health Science Center- Houston, Texas, a Master of Nursing Administration (MSN) from the University of Phoenix, and I am pursuing a Doctorate of Healthcare Administration. Positions held in health care consist of Nurse Manager, and staff charge nurse. My major accomplishments in health care consist of decreasing patient fall rate, reduction of nosocomial wound infection rate, developed and implemented house-wide patient education, increasing patient satisfaction scores to “Superior”; development of Patient & Family Centered Care rounding process for acute care units. Prior to entering the healthcare field, I earned a BS in Biology/Chemistry from Lane College, Jackson, Tennessee and a Master’s of Science with emphasis in microbiology from Tennessee State University. I worked in biomedical research in Houston, Texas, at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Southern University, the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Houston, and the University of Texas M.D Anderson Cancer Center.  I have authored a number of articles in microbiology, immunobiology, cytogenetics, cancer research, and bone marrow and stem cell transplantation.  Recently retired full-time from healthcare management, I continue to serve as a healthcare consultant/educator in nursing leadership and quality assurance.

South Carolina’s Black Majority (1708-1920)

By 1708 South Carolina became the first British North American colony to have an African American majority. The first Africans to arrive in South Carolina likely came in 1526 as part of the San Miguel de Gualdape Colony organized and sponsored by Spain. When the … Read MoreSouth Carolina’s Black Majority (1708-1920)

Robert Doyle Bullard (1946- )

Dr. Robert Doyle Bullard is known as the “father of environmental justice.” Over three decades, he has been a prominent activist and scholar in the field of environmental justice, which encompasses land use, transportation equity, suburban sprawl, housing, minority health, regional equity, emergency response, and community … Read MoreRobert Doyle Bullard (1946- )