Kathleen Kemezis

Student Historian

Kathleen Kemezis is a graduate student in the College of Built Environments at University of Washington.  After receiving her AB in Classical Archaeology from Bryn Mawr College, Kathleen worked with the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens as well as the Historic Seattle and Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation. Her research interests examine the preservation of historic architecture as a bastion of memory and identity in the urban fabric of post-war and rapidly modernizing cities.

Great Zimbabwe (ca. 1000-1550 AD)

  Interior of Great Zimbabwe Image Ownership: Public Domain The city of Great Zimbabwe existed in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa from the 11th century to the mid-16th century.  The city grew from a community of farmers and cattle herders to a major economic center, … Read MoreGreat Zimbabwe (ca. 1000-1550 AD)

25th Dynasty, Ancient Egypt (ca. 746 BC to 653 BC)

The 25th Dynasty refers to the kings of Kush (which included Nubia) who ruled all or part of Egypt from around 746 to 653 BC. This period parallels the Egyptian Third Intermediate Period (1070-653 BC). The Kushite kings of this period considered themselves the bodily … Read More25th Dynasty, Ancient Egypt (ca. 746 BC to 653 BC)

East African City States (1000-1500)

Modern Map Showing the Area of the East African City States Image Ownership: Public Domain From approximately 1000 to 1500 AD, a number of city-states on the eastern coast of Africa participated in an international trade network and became cosmopolitan Islamic cultural centers. The major … Read MoreEast African City States (1000-1500)

Prester John

1603 Dutch Map Showing the Kingdom of Prestor John in East Africa Image Ownership: Public Domain The legend of Prester John, a wealthy Christian king with a kingdom somewhere outside of the Western European realm, pervaded European thought throughout the Middle Ages.  The limited understanding … Read MorePrester John

Ancient Kush (2nd millennium B.C. – 4th century A.D.)

The Kingdom of Kush with its three major cities of Meroe, Kerma, and Napata, emerged in the Nubian Desert south of Egypt along the Upper Nile River Valley from the 2nd millennium B.C. to the fourth century A.D.  Archaeology, architecture, art, and burials provide the most … Read MoreAncient Kush (2nd millennium B.C. – 4th century A.D.)