James P. Comer (1934- )

Image Courtesy Michael Marsland/Yale University James Pierpont Comer, a leading black child psychiatrist and educational reformer, was born into a working class family in East Chicago, Indiana on September 25, 1934.  Although his parents, Maggie and Hugh Comer, had little education themselves, they strongly supported … Read MoreJames P. Comer (1934- )

Louis E. Martin (1912-1997)

President Lyndon B. Johnson with Louis E. Martin Image Ownership: Public Domain Louis E. Martin, newspaper editor and political activist, served as an advisor to three American presidents and influenced the placement of African Americans into high political offices. He is credited with developing the … Read MoreLouis E. Martin (1912-1997)

The California Fair Housing Act [The Rumford Act] (1963-1968)

The California Fair Housing Act of 1963, better known as the Rumford Act (AB 1240) because of its sponsor, Assemblyman William Byron Rumford, was one of the most significant and sweeping laws protecting the rights of blacks and other people of color to purchase housing … Read MoreThe California Fair Housing Act [The Rumford Act] (1963-1968)

Warith Deen Mohammed (b. Wallace Delaney Muhammad) (1933-2008)

Wallace Delaney Muhammad was born on October 30, 1933 to Clara Evans and Elijah Poole in the impoverished Paradise Valley in Detroit, Michigan. A year later, Poole, later known as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, took over the Nation of Islam as “Supreme Leader” upon the … Read MoreWarith Deen Mohammed (b. Wallace Delaney Muhammad) (1933-2008)