Theodore Judson Jemison (1918-2013)

Rev. T. J. Jemison With Students at Southern University Who Had Just Been Released From Jail for Civil Rights Protest, 1960 Image Ownership: Public domain Rev. Theodore Judson Jemison was a civil rights leader and president of the National Baptist Convention. He was responsible for leading the Baton Rouge Bus … Read MoreTheodore Judson Jemison (1918-2013)

John Wesley Edward Bowen (1855-1933)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Educator, philosopher and theologian John Wesley Edward Bowen preached for social equality fifty years before the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. He supported black intellectualism and urged African Americans to develop self worth even in the face of white oppression. John Wesley … Read MoreJohn Wesley Edward Bowen (1855-1933)

Maynard Jackson Sr. (1894-1953)

Rev. Dr. Maynard Holbrook Jackson, Sr. carried on two family traditions: preaching and politics.  The son of Alexander Stephens Jackson, a Baptist minister from New Orleans, and Odalie Alice Morse Jackson.  Jackson was born into New Orleans’s Negro-Creole Society on May 3, 1894. Like his father, … Read MoreMaynard Jackson Sr. (1894-1953)

Robert W. Bagnall Jr.(1883-1943)

Minister and civil rights activist Robert W. Bagnall served as Director of Branches of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) during the organization’s first significant period of growth in the early 20th century.  A graduate of Bishop Payne Divinity School in … Read MoreRobert W. Bagnall Jr.(1883-1943)