Zuzanna Wisniewska

Independent Historian

Zuzanna Wisniewska was born in Poland before moving with her family to Redmond, Washington in 2008. As a newcomer to the United States, Zuzanna became fascinated with American history and thanks to wonderful high school teachers and college professors, this interest has only continued to grow. Zuzanna is currently a sophomore at the University of Washington, Seattle and she is pursuing a degree in history. In the future, she would like to go on to obtain a Ph.D. in American History and work to educate others about history.

Tyrone Davis (1938-2005)

Tyrone Davis was an American R&B performer, popular especially as part of the soul music scene of the 1970s. Davis was born on May 4, 1938 in Greenville, Mississippi. His parents, Willie Branch and Ora Lee Jones, were both sharecroppers, but eventually chose to leave … Read MoreTyrone Davis (1938-2005)

John A. Williams (1925-2015)

John A. Williams was an American writer, academic, and journalist. He is best known for his explorations of black identity in his 1967 best-selling novel The Man Who Cried I Am. John Alfred Williams was born on December 5, 1925 in Jackson, Mississippi, but soon after … Read MoreJohn A. Williams (1925-2015)

Roland Scott (1909-2002)

Roland Scott was an American pediatrician and researcher, known for his pioneering work on sickle cell disease and his advocacy on behalf of patients impacted by the illness. Roland Boyd Scott was born on April 18, 1909 in Houston, Texas. Later his family moved to … Read MoreRoland Scott (1909-2002)

Lyman S. Parks (1917-2009)

Lyman S. Parks was the first African American mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan, serving in the role from 1971 to 1976. Lyman S. Parks was born in 1917, although the details of his birth and childhood are unknown. He grew up in southern Indiana and … Read MoreLyman S. Parks (1917-2009)

Charles Caldwell (c. 1831-1875)

Charles Caldwell was a prominent Mississippi Republican during the Reconstruction era who spent his political career advocating for increased racial equality in the state. Charles Caldwell is believed to have been born in 1831, although the exact details of his birth and childhood are unknown. He was born into slavery and as … Read MoreCharles Caldwell (c. 1831-1875)

Dolphus Milligan (1928-1973)

Dolphus Milligan was an internationally acclaimed American chemist, best known for his spectroscopic studies of free radicals and other reactive molecules. Dolphus Edward Milligan was born on June 17, 1928 in Brighton, Alabama. Little is known about his childhood, but his secondary education always centered around chemistry. … Read MoreDolphus Milligan (1928-1973)

Denyce Graves (1964- )

Denyce Graves is a renowned mezzo-soprano opera singer. She has performed at opera houses around the world and is best known for her roles in Carmen and Samson et Dalila. Denyce Graves was born on March 7, 1964 to parents Charles Graves and Dorothy Graves-Kenner in Washington D.C. She was raised by her … Read MoreDenyce Graves (1964- )

Isola Jones (1949- )

Isola Jones is an internationally renowned mezzo-soprano opera singer. She is best known for her work with the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, New York where she sang for 16 years and particularly for her role as Carmen in Georges Bizet’s opera by the same title. Isola Jones … Read MoreIsola Jones (1949- )

Leona Mitchell (1949- )

Leona Mitchell is an operatic soprano singer who was the lead soprano singer for the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, New York for eighteen years. She is also a Grammy Award winner for the Best Opera Recording in 1977. Mitchell was born on October 13, 1949 in Enid, Oklahoma, which was … Read MoreLeona Mitchell (1949- )