Independent Historian

Zuzanna Wisniewska became fascinated with U.S. history after immigrating to Washington State in 2008 from Poland. As a student at the University of Washington, Zuzanna had the opportunity to study under Professor Quintard Taylor, Founder of, and contribute multiple biographical entries of prominent African American figures to the site. Zuzanna graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Minor in Diversity. She is pursuing her J.D. at the Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law with an interest in the intersections of law and history.

Charles Caldwell (ca. 1831-1875)

Charles Caldwell was a prominent Mississippi Republican during the Reconstruction era who spent his political career advocating for increased racial equality in the state. Charles Caldwell is believed to have been born in 1831, although the exact details of his birth and childhood are unknown. He was born into slavery and as … Read MoreCharles Caldwell (ca. 1831-1875)

Dolphus Milligan (1928-1973)

Dolphus Milligan was an internationally acclaimed American chemist, best known for his spectroscopic studies of free radicals and other reactive molecules. Dolphus Edward Milligan was born on June 17, 1928 in Brighton, Alabama. Little is known about his childhood, but his secondary education always centered around chemistry. … Read MoreDolphus Milligan (1928-1973)

Denyce Graves (1964- )

Denyce Graves is a renowned mezzo-soprano opera singer. She has performed at opera houses around the world and is best known for her roles in Carmen and Samson et Dalila. Denyce Graves was born on March 7, 1964 to parents Charles Graves and Dorothy Graves-Kenner in Washington D.C. She was raised by her … Read MoreDenyce Graves (1964- )