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Every month is “Black History Month” here at Nonetheless we recognize that hundreds of thousands of our visitors specifically seek out the website for information on African American history during the month of February. We have gathered much of that data that may be helpful for teachers, students, and the general public who want to participate in the various celebrations or commemorations or who simply want to use that time to reflect on the history of black people. Those resources appear below:

Creating Black History Month

Video of the Life of Carter G. Woodson by the University of Virginia

Major Books on Black History Month

Other Pioneers in African American History

Charles H. Wright (1918-2002)

Charles Howard Wright was a Detroit physician and founder of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. He was born on September 18, 1918, in Dothan, Alabama and attended the State Teachers College (later known as Alabama State College, and now Alabama State … Read MoreCharles H. Wright (1918-2002)

Dorothy Porter Wesley (1905-1995)

Dorothy Porter Wesley (1905-1995), a scholar-librarian and bibliographer was born in Warrenton, Virginia in 1905, to her father, Hayes Joseph Burnett, a physician, and her mother, Bertha Ball Burnett, a tennis champion.  After receiving her A.B., from Howard University in 1928, she became the first … Read MoreDorothy Porter Wesley (1905-1995)

Lorenzo Johnston Greene (1899-1988)

Dr. Lorenzo Johnston Greene was a pioneering African American historian.  Greene was born on November 16, 1899 in Ansonia, Connecticut.  He received his BA from Howard University in Washington, D.C. in 1924 and his MA in history from Columbia University in 1926.  From 1928 to … Read MoreLorenzo Johnston Greene (1899-1988)

John Hope Franklin (1915-2009)

John Hope Franklin, one of the nation’s leading historians, is the only African American who has served as president of both the American Historical Association (AHA) and the Organization of American Historians (OAH). Franklin was born in Rentiesville, Oklahoma on January 2, 1915 to parents … Read MoreJohn Hope Franklin (1915-2009)

George Washington Williams (1849-1891)

George Washington Williams was a 19th-century Baptist minister, Civil War veteran, attorney, and politician who was the first African American elected to the Ohio State Legislature. He is most remembered today, however, as a historian who wrote History of the Negro Race in America from … Read MoreGeorge Washington Williams (1849-1891)

Remembering Sara Dunlap Jackson (1919-1991)

In 1944 Sara Dunlap Jackson became one of the first African American professionals hired by the National Archives in Washington, D.C. where she specialized in western, military, social and African American topics.  She continued at the Archives until her retirement in 1990.  In the following … Read MoreRemembering Sara Dunlap Jackson (1919-1991)

The Best Black History Month Resources (Other Than

This section lists other great resources available for Black History Month including the various planned celebrations for 2023. We at admit that this list is incomplete and will continue to grow over time. If you know of other resources, please send them to us and the staff will review them, and if appropriate, add them to the list. If you are interested in adding to the list below, please contact [email protected].

Resources by State and Nation