Student Historian

Victoria (Tori) Bishop is an undergraduate at the University of Washington, Seattle. She will graduate in 2013, having double-majored in Law, Societies and Justice and History with a minor in Human Rights. Her primary interest in her studies have been topics relating to American history during the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. She plans to attend law school starting fall of 2013.

Natalie Leota Hinderas (1927-1987)

Concert pianist Natalie Hinderas was born Natalie Leota Henderson on June 15, 1927, to parents Abram Henderson and Leota Palmer Henderson in Oberlin, Ohio. Hinderas came from a family of accomplished musicians.  Her great-grandfather had been a bandleader and teacher, her father was a jazz … Read MoreNatalie Leota Hinderas (1927-1987)

Jefferson A. Beaver (1908-1991)

Jefferson August Beaver, banker, businessman, local politician, and civil rights activist, was born in Warren, Arkansas on May 20, 1908 to parents Rev. Robert Jefferson Beaver, a minister with the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and Ethel Jordan.  Beaver’s family resided in Monticello, Arkansas before … Read MoreJefferson A. Beaver (1908-1991)