Eric Greve

Independent Historian
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Eric Greve is earning a Masters in Teaching degree from the University of Washington. After graduating, he plans to become a high school social studies teacher in the Seattle area.

John Brown (1800-1859)

John Brown was a controversial figure who played a major role in leading the United States to civil war. He was a devout Christian and lifelong abolitionist who tried to eradicate slavery from the United States through increasingly radical means. Unlike most abolitionists, Brown was not a pacifist and he … Read MoreJohn Brown (1800-1859)

Republic of New Africa (1968- )

Image Ownership: Public Domain The Republic of New Africa (RNA) is a black nationalist organization that was created in 1969 on the premise that an independent black republic should be created out of the southern United States of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, … Read MoreRepublic of New Africa (1968- )

Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement (1968-1971)

Black and White Workers in a Detroit Auto Plant, ca. 1968 Image Ownership: Public Domain The Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement (DRUM) was a radical organization of black autoworkers in Detroit, Michigan who were dissatisfied with working conditions at Chrysler and with the response of their … Read MoreDodge Revolutionary Union Movement (1968-1971)