Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: For His Times and Ours

  Image Courtesy of the Royal College of Music In the article below Hilary Burrage, Executive Chair of the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation, a United Kingdom (UK)-based non-profit organisation, describes the composer and how she came to regard and preserve his work and legacy. It has … Read MoreSamuel Coleridge-Taylor: For His Times and Ours

Hugh Ramopolo Masekela (1939-2018)

Image Ownership: Public Domain As one of the most popular and influential jazz musicians from Africa, Hugh Masekela’s life reflects the creative ways of using music to confront injustices and generate change in his homeland.  Born in the coal-mining town of Witbank (near Johannesburg), South … Read MoreHugh Ramopolo Masekela (1939-2018)

José Mauricio Nunes Garcia (1767-1830)

  Image Ownership: Public Domain José Mauricio Nunes Garcia (1767-1830) was an Afro-Brazilian composer and organist who was the grandson of slaves. Over 240 works of music by Garcia have survived. Garcia’s mother was Vitória Maria da Cruz and his father was Apolinário Nunes Garcia, … Read MoreJosé Mauricio Nunes Garcia (1767-1830)