Kobe Bryant (1978- )

Image Ownership: Public Domain Professional basketball superstar Kobe Bryant has played for the Los Angeles (California) Lakers since 1996 when he came to the team as an 18-year-old, the youngest player in National Basketball Association (NBA) history. Bryant is a long-time philanthropist, using his well-known … Read MoreKobe Bryant (1978- )

Knights of St. Peter Claver (1909- )

The Knights of Peter Claver organization was founded in 1909 in Mobile, Alabama. It is the largest African American Catholic lay organization in the United States. The organization was founded by the Josephites, a Catholic order whose mission was to serve Catholic African Americans. Josephite … Read MoreKnights of St. Peter Claver (1909- )

Solomon Lightfoot “Elder” Michaux (c.1885-1968)

Elder Michaux Baptisting Followers at Griffith Stadium, Washington,D.C. n.d. Image Courtesy of Scurlock Studio, photographers, Scurlock Studio Records, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution http://siris-archives.si.edu/ipac20/ipac.jsp?uri=full= 3100001~!254325!0#focus Solomon Michaux was a radio evangelist, entrepreneur, and founder of the Church of God Movement; he was also … Read MoreSolomon Lightfoot “Elder” Michaux (c.1885-1968)

Charles Manuel “Sweet Daddy” Grace (1881-1960)

Scurlock Studio Records, Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Behring Center, Smithsonian Institution Marcelino Manoel da Graca anglicized Charles Grace and best known as Sweet Daddy Grace was founder of the United House of Prayer for All People.  Born off the coast of West … Read MoreCharles Manuel “Sweet Daddy” Grace (1881-1960)