Independent Historian
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KC Washington is an independent historian. She has a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Texas Permian Basin, a Bachelor of Arts in English from Brooklyn College, and an Associate of Arts in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

She is the author of “Mourning Becomes Her: a novella” (Harlem Writer’s Guild Press, 2006). Her debut novel explores the life of a Black actress bound for Broadway. She has also written many articles on travel, feminism, and African American culture, including “The Queen of Happiness” (Speaking Is Easy Blog, May 23, 2018) and “Beyhive Stingers Up: From Feminism to Womanism and Back Again” (NOW-NYC Blog “whatNOW”, May 6, 2016).

A native of San Jose, California and a resident of New York City and Sacheon, South Korea, she specializes in the history of Blacks in the arts and Civil Rights.

Ms. Washington is currently shopping her 1920s, Harlem-based historical mystery Speaking Is Easy: A Harlow Ophelia Jackson Mystery.