Allison OConnor

Independent Historian

Allison Marie O’Connor is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington. She is majoring in History with minors in Japanese and Education, Learning, and Society. After graduating she hopes to participate in the Master in Teaching program at her university and get the certification to become a high school Social Studies/History teacher.

Katie Beatrice Hall (1938-2012)

Democratic representative Katie Hall was elected to the United States Congress in 1983. Born in Mound Bayou, Bolivar County, Mississippi in 1938, she attended Mississippi Valley State University and Indiana University before teaching in the public schools of Gary Indiana. Hall was elected to the … Read MoreKatie Beatrice Hall (1938-2012)

Negro Musicians’ Union, Local 493, Seattle

Also known as the Negro Musicians’ Union, Local No. 493 was formed in 1913 in Seattle. During this time period, locals across the country, under the banner of the American Musicians Federation (AMF), decided to encourage black musicians to form their own unions rather than … Read MoreNegro Musicians’ Union, Local 493, Seattle

Arthur Wergs Mitchell (1883-1968)

In 1934, Arthur Wergs Mitchell became the first African American Democrat elected to Congress from any state. Mitchell served four terms as a Representative in Congress for the state of Illinois (1935-1943). Mitchell was born near Lafayette Alabama on December 22, 1883 and was educated … Read MoreArthur Wergs Mitchell (1883-1968)