Bill Lohse

Student Historian

Bill Lohse is a graduating senior at the University of Washington. He has a particular interest in western African American history and has a voracious appetite for knowledge.

William McDonald Austin ( ? — ? )

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Determined to study law in the United States, William McDonald Austin moved from his home in Barbados to San Francisco, California when he was a young man. He moved again from San Francisco to Seattle, Washington when he was admitted to … Read MoreWilliam McDonald Austin ( ? — ? )

Seaborn J. Collins (1852- ? )

Seaborn J. Collins was born and raised in Georgia. He migrated to Seattle, Washington with his wife Alzada and son William in 1885, where he worked as a mechanic and a carpenter.  Collins also invested in local real estate. In 1888 Collins bought property in … Read MoreSeaborn J. Collins (1852- ? )

John A. Coleman (1852- ? )

John A. Coleman was born a slave in 1852 in Talladega County, Alabama. After he received his freedom at the end of the Civil War, Coleman attended the newly established Talladega College for three years. He worked on a Mississippi River steamboat and then migrated … Read MoreJohn A. Coleman (1852- ? )

Felix Haywood (1855- ?)

Felix Haywood was the son of slave parents bought in Mississippi and brought to San Antonio, Texas by Felix’ future master William Gudlow. Felix and his five brothers and sisters were all born and raised in slavery in San Antonio. He worked as a sheepherder … Read MoreFelix Haywood (1855- ?)