Independent Historian

Abdallah Y. Hegazy is a 2009 graduate of the University of Washington, Seattle where he majored in Finance. While studying at the UW Business School, he worked as a tutor at the department’s Writing Center. His recent work experiences  have been in financial budgeting and analysis. He has a long and abiding interest in politics, literature, and history, particularly that centered around the African diaspora.

Casablanca, Morocco (circa 13th Century)

Casablanca (al-Dar al-Bayda in Arabic; “white house” in English) is Morocco’s center of cultural and commercial activity and one of the largest metropolises in contemporary Africa. A port city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, it is the center of the nation’s rail and … Read MoreCasablanca, Morocco (circa 13th Century)

Warith Deen Mohammed (b. Wallace Delaney Muhammad) (1933-2008)

Wallace Delaney Muhammad was born on October 30, 1933 to Clara Evans and Elijah Poole in the impoverished Paradise Valley in Detroit, Michigan. A year later, Poole, later known as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, took over the Nation of Islam as “Supreme Leader” upon the … Read MoreWarith Deen Mohammed (b. Wallace Delaney Muhammad) (1933-2008)

Thomas Mboya (Joseph Odhiambo) (1930-1969)

Tom Mboya, born on August 15, 1930 in Kilimambogo, Kenya on a sisal plantation estate, was a Kenyan nationalist, trade union leader, and government minister. His parents were Luo agricultural workers who, as recently converted Catholics, sent him to mission schools from an early age. … Read MoreThomas Mboya (Joseph Odhiambo) (1930-1969)

Jonas Malheiro Savimbi (1934-2002)

Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, Angolan insurgent fighter and longtime leader of The National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), was born in Munhango, Angola on August 3, 1934 to Helena Mbundu Savimbi and Loth Savimbi. Savimbi’s father was a railway stationmaster and part-time Protestant … Read MoreJonas Malheiro Savimbi (1934-2002)