Andrew Curry

Student Historian

Andrew Curry is a senior at the University of Washington majoring in History.  In the future he hopes to receive his master’s in education with intentions of being a high school teacher.

Blackstone Rangers/ Black P. Stone Nation/El Rukns (c. 1957–c. 2000)

  Image Ownership: Public Domain The Blackstone Rangers are a street gang formed in the late 1950s on Blackstone Street on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. The Blackstone Rangers were founded by two teenagers, Jeff Fort and Eugene Hairston, while they were at the … Read MoreBlackstone Rangers/ Black P. Stone Nation/El Rukns (c. 1957–c. 2000)

Franklin D. Burgess (1935-2010)

  Image Ownership: Public Domain Franklin D. Burgess’s remarkable life as a star basketball player at Gonzaga University and a Federal Judge in Western Washington earned him the description "a legend on two courts."  Franklin Burgess was born on March 9, 1935 in Eudora, Arkansas. … Read MoreFranklin D. Burgess (1935-2010)