The Bordentown School (1886–1955)

The Boredontown School Assembly, ca. 1945 "Image Ownership: Public Domain" The “Bordentown School,” founded in 1886 in Bordentown, New Jersey, began as a self-sustaining, co-educational, vocational school in a two-story residence in Bordentown, New Jersey. Originally established as a private institution by Rev. Walter A. … Read MoreThe Bordentown School (1886–1955)

Joseph Savary (? — 1800’s)

Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815 Image Ownership: Public Domain Joseph Savary, a hero at the Battle of New Orleans, was a native of Saint-Dominque (Haiti) who had fought with the French during the Haitian Revolution.  When Haiti became independent, Savary and his family … Read MoreJoseph Savary (? — 1800’s)