Saint Peter Claver Church, San Antonio, Texas (1888- )

Saint Peter Claver (Mission) Church was the first African American Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas. The church was built by Irish-born Margaret Mary Healy Murphy, the widow of John Bernard Murphy, who was the mayor of Corpus Christi from 1889 to 1884.  Margaret Mary … Read MoreSaint Peter Claver Church, San Antonio, Texas (1888- )

St. Maurice (ca. 250-ca. 287)

St. Maurice is commemorated throughout churches in modern Germany as a black African dressed as a Roman Solider.  That depiction originated with the renowned statue in the Cathedral of St. Catherine and St. Maurice in Magdeburg, Germany.  However, according to some historical authorities, he was … Read MoreSt. Maurice (ca. 250-ca. 287)

St. Martin De Porres Club (1947- )

The St. Martin De Porres Club was founded in 1947 by Father John P. Markoe, S.J., a  priest, and Creighton University students interested in local civil rights issues in Omaha, Nebraska.   Father Markoe was assigned to St. Benedict the Moor Parish at 2423 Grant Street … Read MoreSt. Martin De Porres Club (1947- )

Xavier University [New Orleans] (1915- )

Xavier University is a private, four-year coeducational historically black university located in New Orleans, Louisiana; the campus is located one mile from downtown New Orleans. Xavier University is the only historically black college or university (HBCU) affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Xavier was founded … Read MoreXavier University [New Orleans] (1915- )

Samora Moises Machel (1933-1986)

Samora Machel, the first president of independent Mozambique, was born on September 29, 1933, in the village of Chilembene, in the Gaza Province of Mozambique. He was of the Shangana ethnic group and was born into a family of farmers. Machel attended a Catholic mission … Read MoreSamora Moises Machel (1933-1986)

Robert Gabriel Mugabe (1924-2019)

Robert Mugabe led Zimbabwe from its independence in 1980 until he was forced to step down in 2017. He remained in power through his tight control of the government bureaucracy and the armed forces. Robert Mugabe was born on February 21, 1924, at Katuma Jesuit … Read MoreRobert Gabriel Mugabe (1924-2019)