Independent Historian

Michael Ohajuru was a successful senior executive in the mobile communications industry before retiring in February 2013 to carry out voluntary work in the Arts and for the Black community. Born in Liverpool, England he holds honours degrees in Physics (Leeds University, 1974) and Art History (Open University, 2008). He is an Arts blogger who specializes in the Black African presence in Renaissance Europe in particular the Black Magus in Adorations images from the period. He regularly writes on these matters and also speaks on those themes at the Victoria & Albert Museum (where his work is referenced), the British Library and other institutions.

St. Maurice (ca. 250-ca. 287)

St. Maurice is commemorated throughout churches in modern Germany as a black African dressed as a Roman Solider.  That depiction originated with the renowned statue in the Cathedral of St. Catherine and St. Maurice in Magdeburg, Germany.  However, according to some historical authorities, he was … Read MoreSt. Maurice (ca. 250-ca. 287)