Makerere University (1922– )

In 1922 the British colonial government in Uganda founded a small vocational school, which would eventually become Uganda’s lone institution of higher education, Makerere University. The British Governor of Uganda, Robert Coryndon (1918-1922), proposed building a technical school for Africans.  The Colonial Office and the … Read MoreMakerere University (1922– )

(1967) Milton Obote, “Language and National Identification”

Milton Apollo Obote was the first Prime Minister of Uganda from the time of its independence in 1962 until 1966 when he became President of the Republic of Uganda.  In 1967 Obote gave a speech on language and nation building at a conference on national … Read More(1967) Milton Obote, “Language and National Identification”

(1900) The Uganda Agreement

The Uganda Agreement of 1900 We, the undersigned, to wit, Sir Henry Hamilton Johnston, K.C.B., Her Majesty’s Special Commissioner, Commander-in-Chief and Consul-General for the Uganda Protectorate and the adjoining Territories, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India, … Read More(1900) The Uganda Agreement