Independent Historian

Samuel Momodu, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, received his Associate of Arts Degree in History from Nashville State Community College in December 2014 and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from Tennessee State University in May 2016. He received his Master of Arts Degree in history from Southern New Hampshire University in June 2019.

Momodu’s main areas of research interest are African and African American History. His passion for learning Black history led him to contribute numerous entries to for the last few years. Momodu has also worked as a history tour guide at President Andrew Jackson’s plantation home near Nashville, the Hermitage.  He is currently an instructor at Tennessee State University. His passion for history has also helped him continue his education.  In 2024, he received his Ph.D. in History from Liberty University, writing a dissertation titled The Protestant Vatican: Black Churches Involvement in the Nashville Civil Rights Movement 1865-1972. He hopes to use his Ph.D. degree to become a university professor or professional historian.

The Pearsall Plan (1956-1966)

The Pearsall Plan was North Carolina’s response to the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education that declared racial segregation in public schools to be unconstitutional. Most southern states, including Alabama, Virginia, and South Carolina, immediately and defiantly resisted the ruling, … Read MoreThe Pearsall Plan (1956-1966)

Minnie M. Cox (1869-1933)

Minnie M. Cox, the first black female postmaster, was born 1869 in Lexington, Mississippi, to former slaves William and Mary Geddings. After attending school in Lexington and Indianola, Mississippi, Geddings graduated from Fisk University at the age of nineteen. After graduation, she married Wayne W. … Read MoreMinnie M. Cox (1869-1933)

Willie Jeffries (1937- )

Willie Jeffries is a former American football player and coach. Jeffries served as the head football coach at South Carolina State University for nineteen seasons in two stints (1973–1978, 1989–2001), five seasons at Wichita State University (1973–1983), and five seasons at Howard University (1984–1988). Jeffries … Read MoreWillie Jeffries (1937- )

Leopoldine Emma Doualla Bell Smith (1939– )

“Image Ownership: Public Domain” Leopoldine Emma Doualla-Bell Smith is the world’s first black flight attendant. Smith was born in Cameroon which, at the time, France controlled. Smith was a princess of the royal Douala family of Cameroon. She was offered a rare after-school employment opportunity … Read MoreLeopoldine Emma Doualla Bell Smith (1939– )