Vanessa Belmond

Student Historian

Vanessa Belmond is a full-time student with a passion for history, particularly Black American history. She is currently in her second year at Los Angeles Pierce College, where she studies Legal Administration. After graduation she plans to transfer to a four-year university to study history and psychology. When she is not in school, Vanessa loves to read (mostly nonfiction), hike, and spend time with her family. Her ultimate goal is to earn a Master’s degree and teach history or psychology at the college level.

Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman (1953– )

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Entrepreneur businessman Ulysses Bridgeman, better known by his nickname, “Junior,” was born on September 17, 1953, in East Chicago, Indiana. His father, Ulysses Sr., worked in a steel mill, and his mother was a homemaker. Bridgeman attended East Washington High School … Read MoreUlysses “Junior” Bridgeman (1953– )

Clarence Otis (1956– )

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Corporate CEO Clarence Otis was born April 11, 1956, in Vicksburg, Mississippi. His father, Clarence Otis Sr., worked as a janitor while his mother, Calanthus Hall Otis, stayed home to raise their three children. The family moved to the Watts section … Read MoreClarence Otis (1956– )