Thomas Mboya (Joseph Odhiambo) (1930-1969)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Tom Mboya, born on August 15, 1930 in Kilimambogo, Kenya on a sisal plantation estate, was a Kenyan nationalist, trade union leader, and government minister. His parents were Luo agricultural workers who, as recently converted Catholics, sent him to mission schools … Read MoreThomas Mboya (Joseph Odhiambo) (1930-1969)

James E. Shepperson (1858 – ?)

Image Ownership: Public Domain   James E. Shepperson was born in Roanoke, Charlotte, Virginia in 1858 to Parker and Matilda Shepperson.  He is considered one of the most influential leaders and spokesmen among African American miners during the late 19th century and early 20th century.  … Read MoreJames E. Shepperson (1858 – ?)

Charles Arthur Hayes (1918-1997)

African American Congressman, Charles Arthur Hayes, will forever be remembered for his commitment to legislate equal rights for black labor workers.  After noticing racism aimed toward black workers in his hometown of Cairo, Illinois, Hayes moved to Chicago and started unionizing activities in 1942.  As … Read MoreCharles Arthur Hayes (1918-1997)