Adam Christian Smith

Independent Historian

Adam Christian Smith graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and minor in History in 2012. His goal is to work in public relations for a city, veteran’s advocacy group, or attain a marketing position.

Lembhard Goldstone Howell (1936- )

Lembhard G. Howell is a prominent Seattle attorney practicing in Seattle since 1966. Howell’s career has been dedicated to seeking justice for individuals who have been injured and unfairly treated. Howell was the first African American to serve on the board of governors of the … Read MoreLembhard Goldstone Howell (1936- )

Yusef Komunyakaa (1947 – )

Image Courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and educator Yusef Komunyakaa was born James Willie Brown, Jr., in 1947 in Bogalusa, Louisiana, a segregated mill town. Although Komunyakaa described Bogalusa as “culturally desolate,” he loved to read and discovered poetry in elementary … Read MoreYusef Komunyakaa (1947 – )

Barber-Scotia College (1867-)

Campus of Barber-Scotia College Image Courtesy of Barbar-Scotia College Barber-Scotia College is a coed liberal arts school founded by the Presbyterian Church in July 1867 by Reverend Luke Dorland as Scotia Seminary. Reverend Dorland was commissioned by the Presbyterian Church to create an institution to … Read MoreBarber-Scotia College (1867-)

MOVE (1972- )

MOVE Fire, May 13, 1985 Image Ownership: Public Domain MOVE is a countercultural black radical organization founded in 1972 by John Africa (Vincent Leaphart), a black handyman in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  MOVE was originally named The Christian Movement for Life.  MOVE, despite being spelled with all … Read MoreMOVE (1972- )