Matt VanHouten

Independent Historian

Matt Van Houten is a student at the University of Washington who plans on receiving his undergraduate degree in History.  Matt currently plays soccer on the University of Washington soccer team and is a huge sports fan.

Reginald Martinez Jackson (1946- )

Star baseball player Reginald Martinez Jackson was born on May 18, 1946 in Wyncote, Pennsylvania to Martinez Jackson and Clara Jackson. Young Reggie Jackson was raised by his father, a former Negro League baseball player, after his parents’ divorce when he was six. Jackson attended … Read MoreReginald Martinez Jackson (1946- )

Homestead Grays (1912-1950)

Homestead Grays was one of the most successful of the professional Negro League baseball teams. They won ten Negro National League Titles (1937-1945, 1948) and three Negro League World Series Titles (1943-1944, 1948), where they played the champion of the Negro American League. The team was … Read MoreHomestead Grays (1912-1950)