Independent Historian

Caroline Rose Kreiger is currently attending the University of Washington and planning on majoring in Anthropology. She also has an interest in African American history and frequently researches the subject.

Clement Garnett Morgan (1859-1929)

Clement Garnett Morgan, a lawyer and civil rights leader, was born in 1859 to slave parents, Clement and Elizabeth Garnett Morgan in Stafford County, Virginia. Shortly after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, the family moved to Washington D.C., where Morgan went to Preparatory High School … Read MoreClement Garnett Morgan (1859-1929)

Charles Clinton Spaulding (1874-1952)

Charles Clinton Spaulding, one of the most successful and influential African American businessmen of the 20th century, was born August 1, 1874 on a farm near Whiteville, North Carolina. His parents, Benjamin McIver and Margaret Moore Spaulding of free ancestry, were prosperous landowners and respected … Read MoreCharles Clinton Spaulding (1874-1952)