Walden University (1865-1925)

On December 6, 1865, the 13th Amendment was ratified by the Congress of the United States, abolishing slavery. This pivotal moment also saw the birth of Walden University, named in honor of John Morgan Walden, the thirty-fifth Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church from Lebanon, … Read MoreWalden University (1865-1925)

First Missionary Baptist Church of Decatur (1866- )

First Missionary Baptist Church of Decatur was established in 1866 in northwest Alabama by 21 former slaves in the home of Ms. Jane Young under the leadership of the Rev. Alfred Peters following the Civil War and passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1866. … Read MoreFirst Missionary Baptist Church of Decatur (1866- )

Roger Williams University (1866-1929)

Founded as the Nashville Normal and Theological Institute and by the American Baptist Home Mission Society, a Christian missionary society from New York City, Roger Williams University (RWU) was named in honor of the abolitionists and founder of the Colony of Rhode Island. The historically … Read MoreRoger Williams University (1866-1929)

Robert Charles O’Hara Benjamin (1855-1900)

Robert Charles O’Hara Benjamin, also known as R.C.O. Benjamin, was a Caribbean-born political activist, newspaper editor, minister, poet, teacher, author, and lawyer. He was born on the island of St. Kitts on March 31, 1855. Information about his parents is unknown, but we do know … Read MoreRobert Charles O’Hara Benjamin (1855-1900)

The Obas of Benin: A Brief History of the Rulers of A West African State for Eight Centuries

In the following article, Collins Edigin, a historian at the University of Benin in Benin City, Nigeria, describes the rule of the Obas of Benin, a continuous dynasty of the West African state of Benin (now in present-day Nigeria) that began in the 13th Century … Read MoreThe Obas of Benin: A Brief History of the Rulers of A West African State for Eight Centuries

Victoria Ann Shorey Francis (1898-1971)

Victoria Ann Shorey was one of the first African American female whalers in San Francisco, California. Shorey was born on August 1, 1898, in California, one of six children born to William Thomas Shorey, California’s only African American whaling captain, and Julia Ann (Shelton) Shorey, … Read MoreVictoria Ann Shorey Francis (1898-1971)